Outside Transformation

Daughter Lise whipped the inside of our house into shape, and brother Bob and wife Beth began putting the outside to rights. On the front porch, she removed a robin’s nest, and he took out bunches of nails that had been used for patriotic bunting in past years. Beth also removed dirt dobbers’ nests and killed wasps.

Bushes thought no one would ever contain them. Branches reached through the railing about eight inches, trying to grab people. No more! Beth brought them under control. David found the charger for our trimmer, and I plan to trim hedges and bushes when they need it again. Beth made it look simple. I know it won’t be that easy for me, but I am determined to do my best.

Both of them trimmed and cleaned up the small holly bushes along the front. Neighbor Bob and brother Bob conferred about a wobbly post behind Beth’s back.

By walking in and out of the garage door for eight years, we scattered gravel until there was a depression there. Bob replaced gravel so that I won’t stumble going in and out. It now blends in better after a good rain.

I was impressed with their shopping at Lowe’s. Although they had never been to our local store, they walked straight to each department where we needed things. We overestimated the amount of gravel we needed, and they knew the procedure for easily returning two bags. You should have seen Bob sling those bags of stone onto the dolly. He is two years older than I am!

There was plenty of time to chat over meals and after we quit work for the day. Bob and I laughed over family memories and found out similar things about Beth’s family. I wish I could have met her parents, but they had moved to Florida before I came to this area.

33 thoughts on “Outside Transformation

  1. Beautiful all photos. Nice you doing trimmed to plant to trim hedges and bushes. Remove branches nest. Nice your video do you trimmed hedge and clean both side. I like.


  2. How blessed you are to have these wonderful people in your orbit!! BTW I’d like to borrow Beth – we have so many wasps around the balcony, that I never go out there. I’ve been stung a few times (not here) and never want to undergo that again! You wouldn’t think the critters could get up here to the 14th floor, but they do! Sigh…


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