Sunup to Sundown

Before the sun came up, daughter Kate worked on the jigsaw puzzle while waiting for me to get dressed. We were using a puzzle of family photos taken in 2018. This puzzle is one from the annual gift of a dear friend. She picks the top family photos from the year, arranges them, and orders the puzzle.

Shortly after noon, grandson David and Kate started burning the trees and bushes that our neighbors had cut a few weeks before. The garden debris had dried out and burned fairly quickly.

After David went to work, Kate continued tending the fire as the shadows lengthened. Leaning on the shovel was her usual stance.

It took two days for mother and son to finish the puzzle. I put in about 10 pieces, being able to see them only when natural light was streaming through the window.

35 thoughts on “Sunup to Sundown

  1. The family puzzle sounds nice. I just spent two days in hospital back home now and more or less mobile. Two issues. Covid, but more importantly I had another stint inserted. It makes three. No heart damage, .


    1. That’s great that you had no heart damage. John had one stint inserted several years ago. I saved photos from his patient portal of before and after the stint. It was amazing how good the blood flow was after the procedure.

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      1. I feel like a new woman since I got the new stint. Scott had the same thing a few months ago, no pain, just pressure. I had the first two put in in 2009.
        I wasn’t having breathing problems, but there is a noticeable difference in the feeling of the breathing. (I think.)


  2. “… using a puzzle of family photos”? Like a Christmas newsletter saved forever in puzzle form? This is intriguing. My puzzles show me places I’ve never been not people who I know.


  3. That puzzle gift is the best! So thoughtful and bringing many hrs of pleasure. Love the yard fire, too. Did you make burgers and hot dogs when the flames died down? Or at least marshmallows?

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  4. Very puzz of family photos uses. The family puzzle sounds nice. You working and enjoyed with children. You have a great day. Here is raining enjoying. Beautiful video for burning tree. Nice doing David & Kate. So smart both of you. I like. Beautiful pic for family photos puzzle.


  5. That’s a perfect table to do a puzzle on – it’s out of the way and no pieces can get lost. Kate had a relaxing as well as industrious vacation working inside and outside, now back to the salt mines.


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