Autumn Pics in the ‘Hood

I brought home four photos from my walk this morning. I hadn’t taken many steps when I spotted a very colorful leaf. How appropriate that this is the first day of autumn!

This sign on a truck made me smile.

A neighbor’s yard presented this lovely scene. I thought there were red berries on the dogwood tree, but the photo says my eyes lied. The leaves seem to be the same color as the red pump. Vibrant green of grass, plants and trees set it all off to perfection.

On my porch was a scene of destruction under a chair. The day before, the chestnut lay peacefully beside a black walnut, still in its light green covering. Daughter Kate put them under her chair the day we sat outside after walking to the creek. I suspect a squirrel stripped the covering off and stole the walnut. He was welcome to it, and I shall clean up the mess as a good hostess would.

22 thoughts on “Autumn Pics in the ‘Hood

  1. Very clean photography. Amazing colourful leave. I like. Second is the best captured the ☘️ (planets)& 🌴 (trees)same colour set it all of the perfection. I like. The squirrel stolen walnut.
    God bless!


    1. I’ve heard that black walnuts are delicious, but it’s almost impossible to get the nut out of the shell. The squirrel easily removed the outer covering and took the shell. I’d love to see him actually crack it open.


      1. Oooo!! I’d love to see that, too! My dad has a bunch of walnut trees. He has a nut crack-er opener thing he uses. I think it’s sort of like a vice that turns and tightens.


  2. The “Diggin’ It” sign made me wish I lived anywhere but here! Our premier wants everything to be in French, so that name wouldn’t legally be allowed. There would have to be a translation. Names that are registered logos/trademarks, like, say, Dunkin’ Donuts, could remain but there would have to be a French word or phrase after it so that (ingnorant unilingual-French) folks could all know what the title refers to. So: Dunkin’ Donuts – beignes. We bilingual/trilingual Montrealers roll our collective eyes at this. But new tough laws mean businesses & professionals have to have reports/etc. translated, and that costs money – who has to pay? The little-guy/small businesses. Boooo!!! Google “Bill 96” + Quebec. It’s pretty draconian!


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