Road Art

I began walking, having my mind set on finding beautiful or unusual things. It wasn’t far from the front door that I noticed leaves beginning to turn red. Low mist sat on the mountain, making it look like a normal, rather flat neighborhood.

Near the firehouse were bits of road art. With a little imagination, I could see white cats on a gray road. Can you see the cats or something different?

The carving of a black bird has guarded a driveway for several months. Today I noticed fancy little growths in the bark, lichen perhaps? They were dark with white edgings.

28 thoughts on “Road Art

  1. Definitely see the white cats! The white fungi on the log is quite common around here, ranging from white to beige or brown. You normally find it on fallen limbs. I think it is interesting in shape and color. The first ones I saw were a sort of golden with brown edges and they were on fallen limbs at Rowan Oak. I thought they were fascinating.


  2. Really see the white cat. You always surch magic new things. I identified it’s white fungi. So beautiful capture it’s. I like. Amazing nature Road art!


  3. I love the “cats”. Great photos! Love the trees. We have the Ozark Mountains here, which I love. Lots of trees and tall pines. Your pictures make me want to travel to other mountains, too. Such beautiful places, the mountains.


    1. I was a camp counselor for a Girl Scott camp in the Ozarks one summer. The setting was marvelous, though I don’t remember the nearest town any more. The area was being developed at a rapid rate, so the camp was sold.


  4. I saw the cats clearly after you mentioned it. Not sure that I would have paid the spots any attention just walking past. It’s great to take the time just to observe our surroundings.


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