Logan Then and Now

Neighbor Logan is very cooperative around my camera, something I really appreciate. After I saw a photo of him making a silly face, I asked for a new one yesterday. It’s very appropriate for October, with Halloween coming in a few weeks. It’s hard to believe we were laughing only seconds before. Logan knew where to find a Wordle app, and we had played game after game on the computer. He slowed down for me, because he is lightning fast.

He is 12 years old now, and here is the one when he was almost six.

I must ask him for a nice one next time, because he is a very good-looking young man now.

19 thoughts on “Logan Then and Now

  1. So beautiful photo. Now Logan looks young man. So cute your neighborhood. Very nice . Iam so glad. I send flying kiss to Logan . 😘


  2. Logan is certainly growing into a handsome young man. Your posts about his antics, and his kind and thoughtful ways, are tribute to the parents who must be making the best of their time to instill the best values. With his “lightning fast” mind, I’m certain part of the draw to cross the street to your house was John’s wit and wisdom. I’m sure Logan misses him, along with many, many others.


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