Look! I’m ON the Hook!!

I don’t know when neighbors Lisa and Harmony installed a hook for me, but I found it today as I was removing my windbreaker and hat at their fence. What a thrill!

The close-up shows the name plate, but I didn’t have my glasses with me and couldn’t see that Anne does not show up clearly on the photo.

I dress for the weather, adding layers according to the outside thermometer. Often I am too warm when I walk to the halfway point to the creek. It’s such a relief to shed a layer and walk unhindered until I return to carry it home. Some months ago I asked permission to use their fence, having been without a hanging place since Connie and Marla moved away from across the street. They graciously said it was fine.

We all have places in the hearts of other people, but to have a named spot on a fence has to be highly unusual. I am inordinately pleased. Hours after I found it, I was still grinning. This is the season for adjusting clothing, so the hook will be used often and appreciated every time I pass it. Thank you very much, Harmony and Lisa.

46 thoughts on “Look! I’m ON the Hook!!

  1. What a lovely & thoughtful neighbour. You truelly have wonderful neighbour. Just made me smile too! I enlarge the photo can definitely see you. I love story like this one! 👍


  2. What a sweet surprise! You have the best people in your life. This made my day! I’ve missed stopping by Anne, I’ve been so busy buttoning up the farm for winter and it’s been endless work.


  3. I think what touched me the most in this post was how observant your neighbors are. Ours, as I have mentioned before, are the same. I love knowing that we are being watched out for like that.


      1. Well that is something special they did for you but I am envious of all the neighbors and your block get-togethers. That is how it should be. We need a smaller neighborhood where people know who you are. I am the only neighbor left from when we moved here in 1966.


          1. Yes, I am used to it now, but there was a time if we needed to ask a question or help on a quick “fix” we could ask a neighbor. Not any more and I’ve had nothing but house problems this year – one right after the other. I just had cracks and tar work repaired for the second time this year as they opened up, also other problems with cracks outside and now inside, new deadbolt locks – I keep being told the house is moving/settling due to climate change. Hope you are safe with the remnants of Nicole. I heard it would be near the mountains of western NC.


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