Voting Blindly

Having looked at a sample ballot on line, I knew how I was going to vote. I didn’t realize until I was halfway to the creek that I’d left my glasses at home. The poling place is the firehouse, which is exactly where I walk most mornings. Going back would be too much trouble, so I walked on, hoping I’d be able to see well enough to vote. I couldn’t really read the paper I signed, indicating I was legally eligible to cast a vote, but I have read it before. The woman pointed to the line for signing, and I scribbled my name there. Another volunteer handed me the ballot. Scurrying to the booth, I put the paper down. Whew! I could read the names. I couldn’t clearly see the round bullets I needed to fill in. I’m sure it looked like a two-year-old’s coloring, going outside the lines, but hopefully the machine would read it correctly. I held my breath as the ballot was sucked into the voting machine. Good! It was not rejected.

I very proudly applied the sticker they handed me that said, “I voted.” It was not as easy as it once was, but I did it all by myself!

30 thoughts on “Voting Blindly

    1. Very nice did yourself. Good for you here is automated voting mechine where you just select your candidate and press a button 🔘!.
      Women everywhere need to show up to vote, especially this year.
      Tack care
      God bless you!

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  1. Congratulations on getting there eand being able to see well enough to vote. I worried about filling in those circles correctly too. We had paper ballots here too. It felt good to vote, and just as good not to be glued to the television tonight to listen to the speculation, etc. Gong to check a few more posts and then grab my book.


  2. Would re-title this post Voting BRAVELY.
    I would most likely have turned around.
    Our experience was with different machines. Very BIG, BOLD print, and no lines to color, just press the dot. The old school/new school “kicker” was we weren’t allowed to touch the screens. They gave each of us a Q-Tip for the sake of keeping everyone safe. So…they’re not safe to stick in your ears, but you can “touch” your favorite politician with one. Hmmmm.

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  3. Even with my glasses I could not read it easily so the helpers had a magnifying glass which is what I used. I was attacked by the vote swayers. My ballot was rejected 3 times even with fixing over and over- they finally wrote spoiled on my ballot and gave me a new one. That one went through without a glitch! I think it was much easier in Pennsylvania than Florida.


  4. Anne, we are two peas in a pod. Walking into the library to vote I rummaged in my purse and realized I forgot my glasses. Bah! We have machines so I could see okay with the lights on the voting buttons. My problem was signing with my finger. So much is computerized now. I can tell you signing with my finger does not match my penned signature at all. They accepted me though. It took so much longer than just flipping through the voter registration and letting me sign with pen. Progress…I’ll have to say another ‘Bah,’ to that too.


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