Not MY Garbage Truck!

While walking, I noticed a green pickup truck, half filled with plastic bags, headed into our development. I wondered what was in the bags, and in a few minutes the truck came back, now fully loaded. Garbage! I’ve lived here eight years, and this was the first time I saw a private vehicle doing a garbage run. We are responsible for removing our own trash, which David and I now do on Wednesdays. Some private citizen has a business collecting garbage for those who don’t want to deal with it themselves. It must be a good deal for both.

After I came home, I looked at the porch cam video as I often do, seeing what I looked like waving at the camera. Much to my surprise I saw something else.

That private garbage truck used my driveway to turn around!

30 thoughts on “Not MY Garbage Truck!

  1. There’s no professional service you can hire for trash removal? The authorities trust that residents will be responsible when getting rid of their trash? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Huh


  2. This brought back so many memories. When my husband was a preacher in our tiny town the locals had trouble with their garbage not getting picked up. He began taking some people’s garbage to the dump in his pickup truck. Soon he had more customers and added racks like the truck you saw. He called the business Salvation Reclamation and Refuse :). Said more people seemed comfortable talking about faith to the garbage man than by going into a church. He sold the business when we moved almost thirty years ago. Last I heard, the business is still going.


  3. Anne, lovely post and great name for a refuse collection: Salvation Reclamation and Refuse. We have a service which comes weekly and one which picks up branches and other garden “stuff.” I know the fellows by name. David, Cedric, Bo. We exchange pleasantries and wave to one another. So I just caught up with your world and voting blindly. Enjoy the weekend. ^^__^^


              1. Changes in temperatures aloft I presume. Roofs and side hills had a dusting of snow. It keeps falling but not sticking. We have winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves at the ready plus snow and ice brushes in our vehicles. Ready or not… Have a lovely week. oxox


                1. Rime ice forms when freezing winds blow moisture-laden air on trees. Because altitude affects these conditions, the rime ice forms in a straight line at the lower edge and goes to the top of mountains. I delight in it, having experienced it only in the last eight years. oxox


                  1. We did not like these ice storms in the Colorado spring weather with new buds and tree limbs. They snapped under the weight. I used to see such trees laden with rime ice in the village we lived in during my first Fulbright year. Pretty. And can be destructive. oxox


                    1. One of my sisters lived there for a time. I visited and saw the many surrounding 14,000 ‘ ranges: Mount Elbert in the Sawatch Range and more in the Mosquito Range. Big mining towns originally. Ski country and hiking. oxox

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  4. Wow, interesting. It is always hard when you need to turn around to decide, do I turn into someone’s driveway or drive for miles to find a real parking lot? It doesn’t look like that is the case there though. I am glad you have that camera. You get to see some interesting things. Whenever we go away on vacation we never post on social media until we are back, but we also generally tell our neighbors, if you see a moving truck pull up in front of our house while we are gone, call the police, we are not moving!


    1. That’s good that your neighbors know when you are away. We live on a dead end street, and my drive is the most accessible.

      I got the camera when there was a flasher in the neighborhood. We haven’t had any more trouble like that, so I treat the cam as a toy. It is fun.


  5. We used to take trash to the county dump, until the city started weekly pick-up. That was 30+ years ago. Soon after the house pick-up the trash company started picking up everything. They had to remove old refrigerators and the like from ditches, so they started the mandatory collection service. Residents are charged monthly for trash pick-up at the same time as city water and sewer bills go out. At first they only picked up trash once a month (garbage they picked up weekly,) but now they pick up all kinds of trash every week when they pick up the garbage and recyclables.
    In fact, on the evening before regular pick-up day (Tuesday,) people put out their “good” trash with the other trash, and “curb shoppers” make their rounds. Everything from furniture, mattresses, to construction materials. There’s a lucrative trade in scrap iron.


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