Sneaking in the Front Door

Electioneers hang about poling places, limited by law as to how close to the entrance they can get. Because I was walking to vote, I approached the door from the fire engine side which had to be kept clear for emergencies. The group was aimed at the parking lot, hoping to influence undecided voters. I slipped in without their noticing. Of course, they paid no attention to anyone walking OUT, knowing people going that way had already voted. I walked to the creek to stand where I usually do, to see and hear water gurgling over the rocks. It was a tiny win for me to avoid them, but a victory, none the less.

After voting, I picked up one item at Dollar General that I felt wouldn’t be too heavy to carry home. Half way up the steep hill, neighbor Shawn stopped her car and offered to carry the bag, as well as my jacket. What a kindness that was! I thought the cam from the porch would show her leaving the things, but it just showed her car stopping and then pulling away. This is what I saw when I came home.

My energy was waning, as shown by the cam mounted on the porch. Many thanks, Shawn.

22 thoughts on “Sneaking in the Front Door

  1. Glad you got To vote. Thom and I are election officials at our voting place. We appear at work at 5 AM and work til 19:30. ! Mitzi’s a long day, to be sure.

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  2. I watched video, you look tired.
    You walk a day 2.5. Iam impressed. Walking is good for us and I for one.
    You have a such neighbour.


  3. We walked to vote also. It was a lovely way to get there. I actually looked for our local State Representative who is usually outside our polling place. He was running unopposed, but I wanted to thank him for the marvelous job he does communicating with his constituents.(Maybe that is why no one bothered to oppose him.) He wasn’t there so we voted and walked home.

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