Winter Warmth

I knew it was warm, but not that warm! Wearing my lightest windbreaker, I stepped on the porch and immediately turned around and hung the wrap on the doorknob. This January the temperatures have gone up and down like a yo-yo.

When I realized the sun had really done a good job, I took a selfie on the porch at lunchtime. At the end of every year, without fail, I wonder if it had been warm enough to eat outside at least once a month. This year I’m going to document it so I can’t argue with myself. I rarely win.

29 thoughts on “Winter Warmth

  1. If you look back, this is normal to have “crazy” temps. It’s all cyclical from year to year – not at the same times, but generally here in Oklahoma we have some nice warm days in winter, and then the bottom falls out and it’s freeeeezing! I believe we tend to forget from year to year how much up and down we have. I’m so glad you enjoyed time outdoors and made the best of it. We had a lovely day here and I was outside most of the day.


  2. Enjoy the warm winter. Iam so glad you enjoyed time outdoor. Beautiful selfie taken the proch at lunchtime.
    What lovely day .


    1. I exercise my smile as much as possible. We didn’t have a church service today, although there was one at our old church on Long Island. We’ll celebrate Epiphany tomorrow. I did wear star earrings and have another pair to wear tomorrow.

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  3. We’re in the middle of beautiful summer days where I am but snow is forecast in some parts of the country! Lovely photo Anne. You don’t want to argue with yourself – documenting is a good idea.

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  4. The weather around here has been nuts. It was below zero the Friday before Christmas, then 65ºF the next Friday. Yesterday was in the 40s. I like your idea of eating outside at least once a month and then documenting it. Best to avoid arguments when possible.

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  5. You look comfy in your pretty sweater on the porch. Our weather is a rollercoaster as well – it has run the gamut from feeling arctic to tropical in a matter of days. I am on Twitter and follow a meteorologist who is an avid golfer. Last year he documented that he played golf once a month, even in Winter. He made a little sign to hold up on the golf course each month when he took a selfie.


      1. Yes, since he has been a weatherman for decades, he was taking credit for the good weather and kind of promoting himself as well. 🙂 Every month for a year. You should try and post them at one time or monthly.

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      1. the best viewing spots are the frontroom window and the patio door by the kitchen table. I think I like the patio door best as you see all the way down to the river…unless the snow is coming to heavy and then the world gets pretty small.


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