Logan Makes Waffles

Neighbor Logan (12) had been busy with school and Christmas holidays, so I hadn’t talked to him for quite a while. He came over to deliver a hand-written thank you note for his Christmas present. I am always impressed when someone writes a note, and he composes a really good one.

I had gotten involved with a computer problem and wasn’t dressed for the day. He noticed and asked if he should come back later. Most adults would not have been so sensitive!! I took a quick shower and texted him that I was ready if he was still available.

We chatted for a bit, then we were going to do Wordle at the same time. I forgot I had already done it. He had four of the letters by line four, I think. He got it!

We were deciding what to do next. I said we could play games, cook something, or …. I didn’t finish the sentence when he said, “Let’s cook. I love to cook. I’ve made things with tuna, and I’ve done chicken tenders.”

When I asked for clarification, he said he had breaded the chicken pieces himself. I thought to myself that he would soon be out of my league. I mentioned a couple of things for which I had the ingredients, and he jumped at making waffles. He walked in the kitchen and straight to the sink to wash his hands!! Golly! He didn’t have to be reminded!! The first thing in the recipe was eggs, and he went over to the refrigerator and got them out, along with milk. He did all the measuring. After we went over safety measures, he used the immersion blender. It was his first time to use one, and he was good at it.

Logan had a healthy respect for the heat from the waffle iron. He chose to watch me pour in the batter and take the waffle out. When it was time for him to go home, he helped pack the waffles in plastic bags.

Only minutes later Shawn sent me this photo. What fun it had been for me, and they put them to good use!

37 thoughts on “Logan Makes Waffles

  1. Oh yummm. Waffels are my go to for Sunday morning.
    ps. I have been buying maple syrup from Wanish Sugar Bush out of Wisconsin. Will Wanish is a young man ( just out of highschool) who started his own syrup business from the family woods. Yes the shipping is kinda high these days but I wanted to support a smart young man .His fathfull dog is named Maple and she sends out newsletters. Fun.


  2. That young man is such a treasuare. As are you, and you are giving him great memories. One of my favorite memories was hanging at your house in Stony Brook and watching you make bread. You even gave us little pieces of the dough to play with and eat. Great memory!


  3. Logan is a young man. Delicious make waffles. So smart your friend& neighbour.
    Those waffles are amazing. How can the waffles make?


    1. I have a waffle maker that is easy to use. Batter is poured in, and the electric appliance turns on a light to indicate it is done. If you search for “waffle maker” or “waffle iron” on line, you can probably see a picture of one. In the US, we usually pour maple syrup on waffles. The syrup is made by boiling the sap of maple trees in the spring. It is very, very sweet.

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  4. Logan is an exceptional young man – he was raised like we were, good manners and thoughtfulness. Logan is a better cook than me as the only attempt at making waffles by me has been popping Eggos into the toaster!


      1. We had a small griddle that my mom made pancakes on for years, then Aunt Jemima came out with frozen pancakes. They were more like refrigerated, not frozen solid. We would put them in the microwave and ten minutes later, we’d be enjoying pancakes. I thought they were delicious. I don’t think they make them anymore because of the Aunt Jemima controversy.


      1. Lar loves to make breakfast foods. Sometimes we have pancakes or french toast for either lunch/dinner or supper When the boys were little he would have a pan of bread pudding, hot out of the oven, waiting for them when they got off the school bus.


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