Logan and Kacey

Neighbor Logan has lived with dogs all his life. He is good with them, taking care of them and playing with them. Kacey’s jumping and barking don’t bother him. When Logan came over to visit me, the dog was soon snuggling up to him. The young man, as always, was willing to pose until I got a fairly good photo.

The picture I really liked is blurred, because Logan was moving quickly, trying to get his own photo of Kacey. Both were moving targets for me.

22 thoughts on “Logan and Kacey

  1. Fast friends for sure. 💖Even though Logan doesn’t mind her jumping, she needs to be trained that jumping on people is not an appropriate greeting. With her size she could easily knock someone over or hurt someone. I think the best way to get her not to jump is when she does the person needs to turn away from her and not give her any attention. As soon as she has all four feet back on the ground pet and praise her.


  2. I think Kacey has blended in with the family and feels loved – look at that sweet face as she rests her head on Logan. Pure contentment and feeling lucky to have found her “furever” home.


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