David’s Dog

Grandson David wanted a dog for a long time. Friends of his had taken in a rescue and were willing to part with her. Kacey (or as I write her name KC) was a bit anxious at first, but she seems more at ease with us after two days.

Our snow didn’t stick until it snowed all night. David and KC loved it, staying outside about two hours. I couldn’t believe she had icicles hanging from her stomach!

KC barks at neighbors

KC has now met the most dog-loving neighbors in two households. What a lovely welcome they gave her!

49 thoughts on “David’s Dog

  1. Oh Anne, she is so beautiful. Do you know what breed she is? She looks like she might be at least part Leonberger. That is what our Trooper was. They are really nice dogs (gentle giants). They do tend to bark at people – they are great watch dogs.

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      1. When I first adopted Trooper from the shelter I was told he was shepherd mix. He had come in as a stray and was only about 6 months old. It was a guess. A few months later someone suggested to me that he was Leonberger so I began researching the breed and found he had many of the physical and personality traits of a Leonberger.

        Once K/C gets to know the neighbors she will probably bark less. You have a very social neighborhood so I have no doubt she will get to know everyone.


  2. I am excited for David as I know you said he always wanted a dog and loved interacting with Sadie. Are you going to walk KC on your morning trip to the Creek? What a nice companion to have around at night when David is working.

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            1. I took KC up the street this afternoon while David changed his shoes. She ran toward something in the thicket, and I scrambled to get my feet in the right position to hold her. Lesson learned! I won’t take her by myself. It’s too dangerous.

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              1. KC looked to be a big dog in your photos, much bigger than Sadie, but maybe it is the fur making her look big. Yes, lesson learned – you’re right, too dangerous, especially this time of year with potential black ice or slick spots on the road.

                A few years ago, a very petite woman appeared at the Park – never saw her before and she was walking the biggest Pit Bull I have ever seen. That dog had a massive head! She had him on a long, braided leather leash.

                A sign says “no animals allowed at Council Point Park” but people walk dogs anyway. I said to Arnie “that dog is going to pull that woman over.” She said hello and had a Southern accent. I wondered if she was visiting and it was not her dog as whatever commands she gave it, the dog ignored. A woman walking a poodle came along and the dog lunged for it. The woman walking the poodle scooped her dog up and walked briskly away. The woman with the pit bull could not control her dog and it pulled her over and she was holding onto the leash while on the pathway. I expected her dog to pull her along the pathway while it pursued the poodle, but it did not. She never returned to the Park after that.


  3. I am so happy to see that you have a dog in your lives again. KC looks like a lovely addition to the family. She will soon get used to you and your rules. Dogs are the best companions!


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