Kasey and the Golf Cart

Neighbor Shawn sat on the porch with grandson David and me. She petted Kasey and spoke words of love to her. The dog lapped it up, of course.

Neighbor Bob drove over in his golf cart, unsettling the dog. David took her toward the cart, but she was very skittish. Finally, when both David and Bob were sitting in the cart, Kacey was willing to approach it.

I liked the video of the neighbors dispersing.

Before going home, Bob gave Kasey a nice run in our yard. The leash is 16 feet long, so you can see that she happily kept up with the cart and was never dragged along.

25 thoughts on “Kasey and the Golf Cart

    1. The neighborhood dog lovers have approved of Kacey. (I see I misspelled her name again in the title.) The woman with four cats might not be so enthusiastic, but she did have a good relationship with one of Logan’s dogs.

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    1. We were told Kacey is a shepherd/lab mix. She was abused, and David’s friends rescued her from that situation. The friends live in a very small trailer. They felt the dog needed space and more companionship than they could give her.


  1. Anne, it’s lovely that Kacey is so friendly with you all and a very happy dog! The golf cart is a great idea although I was worried for a sec that it would tip over on the slight embankment!


  2. When Luna and Nox were young, Bruce would put a long leash on the and let them run alongside him as he road his bicycle. They loved to run and he was constantly watching to make sure they stayed safe while they ran beside the bicycle.


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