Birdbath Margarita

On a frigid morning, I noticed the beautifully decorated rim of the birdbath margarita. This fancy drink is truly on the rocks – big, solid rocks to give the birds a place to land!

22 thoughts on “Birdbath Margarita

  1. Love the photo of the bird bath margarita. Is that your yard with all that snow? We got several inches here in Ohio. Scott had to use the snow blower-thrower for the first time this year. As far as I’m concerned we have had enough snow, though I will admit it can be beautiful. Our road crews are very efficient, thank goodness. I am careful to take my cane when I go out, I’m pretty good about my canes, though often both of them are standing together at the opposite end of wherever I am!


    1. The margarita photo has a background of impressive frost. Our wimpy snows are rarely worth a camera shot. You can be forgiven for saying you’ve had enough snow. I just might agree with you if I lived in Ohio.

      I have one cane with an attachment for using with ice! Got it in NY. I realize now that no one using a cane should venture knowingly onto ice. Cane use is saved for times when a knee goes a bit funny for a few days.


      1. you have a “funny” knee? I still have leg pain but don’t take any pain meds yet. Except ibuprofen.

        Now I know why my grandfather Piper had so many canes! He was severely injured in a Sohio gas silo explosion when my Dad was five years old. His companion worker was killed.

        I don’t have one of those ice-thingies for my canes. I need to get one. Drug Mart has all kinds of gadgets.


        1. Once or twice a year something happens with a knee. I think a muscle gets stretched. That’s what it feels like, anyway. If I walk carefully and keep it in line, the weakness and slight pain go away.

          I wish I remember where I found the ice attachment for my cane. It LOOKS effective.


    1. There was a heavy frost, which is probably why there was such a ring of ice crystals on the birdbath. We get very little snow here, and what we do get usually melts within 24 hours or less. We did have some cold days with temperatures well below the freezing point.

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  2. Brrr for this picture. I know birds need to bathe, in order to preen properly to keep the oil on their feathers in the Wintertime especially, but I would be a stinky bird and forego an icy bath. No polar plunge for me!


      1. Marge had a heated birdbath. I think it was solar – I’m not sure, but it wasn’t very big and we would put snow into it and she’d watch them bathing in the middle of Winter.


          1. Yes, they liked splashing around, but if it was a gray day, it wasn’t so good and I’m sure it was a disappointment when they went in – oops! Marge also had a solar fountain which was the same as yours and on rainy days, there was no water bubbling up and gray days, barely an inch.

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