Raking with one Hand

David didn’t have a chance to put the stake for Kacey near the garden, but I had the irresistible urge to get outside and do something useful on a very warm winter day. Using a child’s rake to clear the iris bed seemed reasonable. The bed could have used a heavier hand, but I did what I could while holding the leash. The dog seemed content to watch. It wasn’t until I finished that I found she had tangled the leash in an over-grown bush and couldn’t move. Kudos to her for waiting patiently.

Since raking went fairly well, I came inside for the coffee grounds. We’ve had a resident skunk digging in the front yard, looking for grubs. I read that coffee grounds were not to their liking. I don’t think coffee is much of a deterrent, but it saves us having to take the stuff to the dump. Kacey sniffed every spoonful, making sure there wasn’t a tidbit hidden in there for her.

The temperature continued to go up as the sun reached the middle of the sky. Despite the warmth being one degree below my usual cutoff point, I ate lunch on the porch. It wasn’t quite like summertime. I ate hot clam chowder and wore a heavy sweater. It was not a meal to linger over with good company.

32 thoughts on “Raking with one Hand

  1. We are all ready for Spring and may be pushing things a bit .In this present warm up I’m thinking the trees will start budding and then another cold spell will do damage. …I so want to get to the flower beds but…

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  2. Clam Chowder on the porch seems lovely. It might get warm enough here for me to sit outdoors on the porch for a while. Hmmm…what would be a good lunch, and what will I wear? I hope the skunk is deterred by the coffee.


  3. We are having a warm spell too. I went out to the farm with my hubby and the dogs for a couple of hours yesterday. Sounds like you and Kacey are becoming great friends. I hope you are able to get rid of the skunk but more importantly I hope that Kacey never encounters the skunk.


  4. I’m glad you’re following through with your series of “Lunch on the porch” photos every month of the year. You were industrious and deserved a nice meal with nice company – you did not share your clam soup with Kacey?


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