One-handed Gardening

This was my first time to try one-handed gardening. There was nothing physically wrong with me, but I didn’t have the heart to leave a dancing dog inside. As soon as I went near the back door, Kacey began jumping and trying to stand on her hind legs, her usual routine when she wants to go outside. The occasion was a happy one – removing screens that had covered the areas where daughter Lise and brother Bob planted tulip bulbs she bought in the Amsterdam airport. There were several tiny bits of green pushing through the dirt, and I knew I had to remove the protective screens before the first shoots were stunted.

Kacey would go as far as the leash would reach without jerking me off my feet. I was able to move the anchoring stones and the screens with one hand. She went back in the house while I moved the scratchy things into the garage. David plans to put a heavy stake that screws in the ground near the garden so that she will have some freedom when I begin pruning things in February. I’ll admit that gardening is not my favorite pastime, but having doggy company might make it more fun.

34 thoughts on “One-handed Gardening

  1. It sounds like she is learning to behave while on leash. That’s great! Ruby loves to hang out with us when we are gardening. She brings the ball. We throw it. She runs to get it while we do a little bit of work. Then she returns with the ball and we throw it again. Not the most efficient way to garden but makes it a bit more fun. 🙂

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  2. I have found that because I generally have to walk Sheba, 3 x a day, you can’t just let her out, I hold onto her leash, I watch where she is walking and I watch where my feet are going too. At the moment I am off dog walking duty for the most up, big arthritis flare, and using the cane in the house. At any rate, she sounds wonderful and clearly wants to be around you, so that is good too.

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    1. I’m sorry you are having a flare-up. Does the cane help by keeping some weight off joints? I’m blessed that I’ve never had pain that bad after the two knee replacements.

      Kacey is sweet and loving. She barks at everything, but not incessantly.


      1. My second knee replacement is scheduled for March. that should help! Sheba does not bark except in her sleep, but she is a rescue. So much we don’t know, but like Kacey, she soaks up attention and affection. have a good night, Michele

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    1. Thank you for the advice. I take Kacey on a leash in our yard, but I won’t walk her on the street. She is too likely to lunge unexpectedly. I’ve been very aware of where she is in the house. She has been good about moving out of my way, but I must not relax my guard.

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  3. One reason we got our Star was to help keep rabbits out of the garden. But her first time out there, she dug up all our asparagus! Sounds like Kacey is a bit more respectful 🙂

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  4. It will be nice to have a gardening companion out there wrestling with the weeds. I wonder how Kacey will like the hummingbirds at their feeder and the waterfall. I’m amazed the tulips are already green and pushing through!

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