Strong Winds

High winds buffeted the house for several hours. I saw a heavy wooden rocking chair on the porch going back and forth without a rider. The roaring on the ridge was impressive, loud and menacing. How quickly one forgets! The next morning I wasn’t looking for damage, but I noticed trees had fallen over the first small stream, Park Branch. I’m glad it didn’t change the tune of the stream.

I smiled when a shiny object on a nearby lawn turned out to be a gazing ball. Normally I see it on its stand near the house, but the wind played with it before rolling it down the hill. It was still fulfilling its function of reflecting sky and objects around it. By then I was looking for wind damage and was slightly disappointed to find none. What was I thinking?? I had to change my attitude to one of thankfulness for very little damage.

Meanwhile, David was walking Kacey at our house. The brake inside the leash broke the day before, and with one strong tug, Kacey caused the whole handle to explode, cutting David’s hand. David is going to get a more expensive one today. Sometimes it doesn’t save money when this miser buys the cheapest item.

Exploded leash

21 thoughts on “Strong Winds

  1. I can’t imagine it’s much fun to be a miser. I try to be fairly careful with money — I have to! — but YOLO. You Only Live Once. Sometimes I treat myself to expensive chocolates and I often buy books. I like to buy gifts, too, for no discernable reason whatever! The elderly couple across the street (now no longer with us) was so cheap, it was truly pathetic. They died millionaires but THEY DIED. Without having had much fun in life at all, just squeezing every nickel until the buffalo howled. Their money went to their kids, who are having a great time with it. They would not have funerals for family members — just direct cremation, the cheapest possible. My mother said they were going to put the grandma out at the curb in a green garbage bag! Very sad, to my opinion.


  2. Looks like the rocking chair got blown off course, too! I hope David’s hand heals quickly. I have never heard of that happening, but with large dogs, we have never used one so I have no knowledge about them. I have so many downed limbs in my yard after the last round of winds and rain that I may never be able to clear them all!


  3. it’s funny how the woest damage can be done by somewthing that has no form and no mass, but speed certainly seems to make up for that lack.I’M GLAD THERE’S NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE FROM THE WINDS AND HOPE DAVID’S HAND SOON HEALS.
    Massive Hugs


  4. I feel for David! Bandit busted the brake on his leash, next he chewed through his cable leash! Now he has a chain leash which he is trying to destroy. There is an aisle at PetCo called destroyer dog, it’s the only place I dare buy anything for him!


  5. That’s amazing about the exploding leash. I’m like you – surprised the gazing ball didn’t get damaged. We had high winds twice in the last week. Last week, someone had drained a fairly large above-ground pool and left it in their yard and a person in our City’s Neighborhood Forum on Facebook took a photo of a pool sailing through the air and plopping in the middle of the street in case someone wanted to come fetch their pool before it broke apart.

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