Morning Stretches in the Closet?

It was an odd place to do stretches, but the dog made me do it. This door is in the bedroom, so I could put the stretching strap over the door and close it without going into the hallway. Why avoid the hall? I would wake Kacey up, and she would demand that grandson David take her outside.

I used the stretching strap over the door between John’s office and the bedroom until last week. Because I didn’t want long dog hairs in the bedroom, I kept the doors shut and stayed in the kitchen area with the dog. For two full weeks she was anxious when no human was with her. Then came the day that I needed to use the computer in the bedroom to do scanning. I built a barrier with a large office chair, an exercise ball, and a mirror. Kacey could see me, but she couldn’t figure out how to get through. I’m not going to dismantle that contraption often, so for the time being I shall stretch in the closet.

26 thoughts on “Morning Stretches in the Closet?

  1. Ahh! The closet! If it works, use it.
    I’ll tell you a secret I would never have divulged when my son was young. I’m talking about my son with autism. We had lots of challenges back in the day. Sleeping was a BIG issue. He didn’t do much of it and therefore neither did I. At one point, he took to sleeping in the closet with our dog. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone because it sounded a little like Harry Potter under the stairs. But we let him do it because he would stay there most of the night. And I got to sleep. I was very thankful for that closet! 🙂

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    1. Closets are great. When David was young, he disliked thunderstorms. Once he slept in the closet, finding it nicer than being able to see the lightning. These days he would join me on the porch to watch heavenly fireworks.

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  2. Ah the things we do to accommodate our dogs. If I want to floor exercises I have to wait until my husband leaves with the dogs. Otherwise I would just get a face full of dog kisses.


  3. We did find a much taller dog gate to deal with our previous leaping dog. It was easy to walk through but there wasn’t enough room for her to get the long running start she might have needed to vault over it. You might try that.

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