Kacey Steals a Valentine Snack

Before I went out for lunch, I walked Kacey and visually checked the kitchen for food that might be in the dog’s reach. She is taller than I thought. After taking photos of the crime scene, I scolded her, and she slunk down on the floor. She had eaten banana nut bread, which would have been David’s breakfast the next day. She dined in style. Along with the bread, she took a red cleaning cloth for her Valentine napkin.

37 thoughts on “Kacey Steals a Valentine Snack

          1. The only one of our dogs who ever figured out how to open the cabinet door was Rex, but he only opened the one under the sink where the trash can was. We had to put a lock on it to keep him out of it. He was one smart dog!


          1. Mostly no. My cats don’t eat people food except for Gracie and rotisserie chicken. She’s never hopped on the counter to steal though. In a previous life she was in a hoarding situation and food may have been scarce because when she first came she was a dumpster diver, knocking over our kitchen trash can even though there was food in her dish. Fortunately she doesn’t do that anymore. Gus will drink my water if I leave it on the table.


      1. LOL. Paul was eating a sandwich and watching TV on the couch. Someone came to the door so he left the plate with the sandwich on the couch as he went to talk to them. When he came back the half-eaten sandwich was gone. He couldn’t even get mad as he didn’t know which dog ate it!


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