Rain — Beating the Odds

I’m not a betting person, but weather apps force you to think about winning. This morning there was a 15% chance of rain during the time I would be walking to the creek. That sounded low enough to me. I noticed nothing unusual until I walked parallel to the mountains on the way home. There was a whiteness hanging on the ridges that seemed much thicker than mist. I was about a mile from home at that point, with the steep hill just ahead. I needed about 30 to 45 minutes to get home. My pace was quicker than normal, but would it be fast enough?

Half way up the steep hill I saw half the road was quite damp. The more level road at the top was suspiciously wet, with a puddle in the middle. That’s when I met a walker I’ve never seen before going the other way.

She said, “I admire you so much for getting out to walk on terribly cold mornings. I just can’t do that.”

She recognized me, and I hadn’t a clue who she was or where she lived. I changed the subject to imminent rain. I said, “I think it has rained here since I came this way earlier. I’m sure that puddle wasn’t here before. Did you notice rain?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I saw half the driveway was wet, so it has rained recently.”

“Will you stay dry?” I wanted to know.

She said, “Oh, yes. This coat protects me from rain.”

She laughed when I flapped the lapels of my heavy sweater and said, “I’m wearing a sponge.”

“You’d better keep walking, then,” she said, as we wished each other a good day.

Did I get home before it rained? Yes. I had breakfast with David, then took Kacey outside with me while I trimmed three Rose of Sharon bushes near the pasture. Although it has been very gray, the weather app predicts the chance of rain will remain 15% until it dips lower at 5 pm.

26 thoughts on “Rain — Beating the Odds

  1. We get fooled by the weather all the time. Just yesterday it was sunny and pleasant at our place. We went to the beach, just ten minutes away by car and it was cold and windy. Halfway through the walk, it started to rain. Hubby said it was only a 10% chance of rain. Looks like you beat the odds!


  2. I am happy you beat to rain! It’s cold here but sunny.
    So long walking. And interesting you sharing communication with walker. I like .


  3. These days it is hard to know what to expect as in falling from the sky. We are still in for a bout of freezing rain tomorrow, but our weather will pale in comparison to what havoc will be wreaked by Winter Storm Olive.


      1. I hope not either Anne. Right now my generator finally got its chance to shine. We had a series of small power outages from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. It went off/on about five times – not good for fridge or furnace and finally shut the furnace off, then it was freezing in here, so just turned it on. The power totally went out at 9:30 and the generator has been on since. Nervous about the ice on the dead tree and ice on the wires in case the same thing happens in December. I looked on our Facebook page for our City – many downed wires, arcing and trees on fire. I’m a Nervous Nellie right now. Some residents are saying they call 911 and can’t get thru and/or the emergency dispatcher says we’ll get to you when we can. At least our fire and the transformer that blew at the end of the street were the only incidents that night. I’m afraid to go to bed due to the tree, so going to try and catch up here a little bit.


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