Daffodils and Driveway Art

Neighbor Joyce pointed out the green shoots of her daffodils days ago. The buds must have been swelling, but I didn’t notice them again until they burst open. Perhaps I needed a drum roll for drama, but that is not the nature of early spring flowers.

Dampness brought out a design on a driveway I pass each morning. I can see a couple of fun things there. A goofy owl was the first I saw and then two roadrunners on a branch. I’ll bet you can see other fanciful things.

I thought it was quite unusual that I ate lunch on the porch twice before the middle of February. Today it was even warmer — 68F (20C)! No sweater needed!

32 thoughts on “Daffodils and Driveway Art

  1. I love the wild Dafs growing here and every where. They..the weather station, say we are two week ahead for Spring. Praying a cold doesn’t fly in to damage the young growth.


  2. Daffodillies, tulips and some crocus have appeared here, I love their energy and strength against the frost. There’ no way we could shed our sweaters in February though. 20C is a Summer temperaature as I’;m sure you remember from your time over here. I think I’m living in the wrong Country.
    Hugs Galore


    1. I think it’s unusual to have such warm temps here in February. We will be back at the freezing point tonight, with a very slim chance of snow. The middle and eastern parts of the state are always warmer. Mountains can change things.

      Mountain hugs!

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  3. Ours don’t usually show up until late March. However who knows with the crazy winter we have been having. I see that the trees are already thinking about future leaves. That is at least a month early.


  4. I saw the owl first, too. Then the birds. Flowers in Feb? Currrazzzyyy !!!!! You do have such a lovely porch. I’m glad you can enjoy it.


  5. Since I am over two weeks behind here, those Daffodils are done gone I’m assuming?

    I love Daffodils. We used to be able to buy them at our local grocery store for $1.00 for a bunch of ten. We’d get them every year for the house and I’d take some to work. I shudder to think what the Snowdrops look like – we had the ice storm a week ago Wednesday and we had a snowstorm with 5 inches of snow, topped off by freezing rain yesterday. The Snowdrops are like a Timex watch (hopefully)


      1. OK, thanks for trying – when you get a chance or sit to do your next post. Still no Daffodils on my walk this afternoon, just the Snow Drops looking perkier than me.


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