Tea Party, Trumpet, and Chess

Neighbor Joyce had a lovely baby shower with a tea party theme for her daughter. There were four of us from the neighborhood, plus relatives and friends. I did not ask for permission to publish photos of people, so I’ll show you Joyce and the lovely spread of goodies.

The choir sang a spectacular piece at the beginning of the service featuring a professional trumpeter. I was in the next room when he began to warm up. Oh! What beautiful sounds he made just playing scales and arpeggios! You can see him on the left side of the photo, and grandson David is second from the left in the choir. I was looking only at the performers and didn’t notice until I saw the picture on a big screen that special friends from New York were in it, too, sitting ahead of me. Since their faces weren’t visible, I didn’t ask permission to use it.

Neighbor Logan came over to visit. He, David, and I did the Wordle for the day on two phones. The fellows both had fast times doing Set online. I didn’t work on that until they were playing chess. You can see they were concentrating on the game. Both are used to my camera and were probably aware it was aimed at them, but they were focused on the board.

47 thoughts on “Tea Party, Trumpet, and Chess

    1. Grandson David said he hadn’t played chess since he became a teenager, but he was able to win a few against neighbor Logan. Logan is new to the game, but he is extremely smart. It was fun to watch them play.


              1. I have had teens shooting hoops aroud me. Sometimes it is rhythmic and sometimes slightly annoying, but only slightly. I like that the kids are doing something other than looking at screens! It is a brave parent that restricts access to techy stuff, but the child benefits so much from this. I never let my boys watch the Simpsons TV show – as all the boys at that time were walking aroudn talking like Homer Simpson. My boys didn’t – the trouble is they were also ostracized in the playground conversation as all the other boys would discuss the show every day at school as the show aired nightly on TV. …. my intentions of letting them develop their own voice was trumped by social isolation from their peers….


    1. Logan is extremely smart, but he is also personable and caring. He has brought a lot of joy to us.

      The party food was as delicious as it was pretty. There was a cake on the counter that looked like it had come from a bakery. The mother-to-be made it herself!

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  1. A lovely spread for the baby shower! My niece had one recently and it was the first I’ve know of in the U.K.! A special time for all and she’s now all set up for the arrival of her first child! Ahhh .. Logan’s looking so intent on chess and a great game to be introduced to as young! Who won?

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    1. Logan is 12 and did very well for a beginner. David is 27 and hadn’t played since he was 12 or 13. They seemed to be evenly matched yesterday. Both won several games. If Logan keeps playing, he will soon trounce David.

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    1. Two days in a row were perfect. I particularly enjoyed talking with a person Joyce grew up with. Joyce mentioned blogging, and I found out her friend has a blog on WordPress! i came right home and looked her up. She is a powerful Christian writer. I read only one or two posts and followed her.


  2. Logan would like meeting my grand-daughter, she is in her elementary school chess club. I love the look of the shower goodies. Mmmm, I just had lunch but the sight is making me hungry again.


    1. I don’t know how much Logan has played chess. You are right, he would love to meet your grand-daughter. At the party, I had one of almost everything and counted it lunch. It’s a good thing I have nice manners. Pigging out would have been frowned on.

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  3. Lots of yummy-looking goodies in that spread. I still play Wordle every day, but my win streak is not all that great. I do like the Spelling Bee game that appears at the bottom of the page after you finish Wordle. I played chess years ago. It was one of the activities in a local park where kids could gather and be entertained all day with various games – we also had checkers, mancala and marbles, plus making crafts using plastic laces. I had so many lanyards I could have sold them.


      1. I’d never heard of it before moving here Anne … the board looks like an egg carton and you use marbles, but I don’t remember the rules. I think it was of African origins.


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