Furniture Coverings

When grandson David spotted a sofa cover in the store, I said to put it in the cart. Our living room furniture has hardly ever been used, but Kacey has taken full advantage of it. Evidently she finds it much more comfortable than humans do. The sofa gives her a good view of the street, although she can put her nose right on the low windows. We moved all the pillows off to give her plenty of room.

A single fitted sheet that we don’t use on beds was good for the chaise lounge. That’s comfortable for me, too, when I use the laptop. Kacey was so anxious when she first came to us that I stayed with her instead of writing in my room. She is not allowed in there, because I don’t want her long hair floating everywhere.

After hours of rain, the sun came out. I knew from walking Kacey that it was much colder than previous days. Still, I’m going to run out of February days to trim bushes if I don’t do my quota of one a day. The dog dug holes near her stake, so I let her stay on the screened porch. It was discouraging to spend more time filling her holes than pruning shrubs. It was 40F (4.44C). I wore my New York coat and kept moving. I don’t think I’ll be pruning if it gets closer to freezing. Do any of you have personal limits for doing yard work?

42 thoughts on “Furniture Coverings

  1. The picture of Kacey on the sofa is so cute and sweet. She looks very contented. High five to you for doing your pruning as cold as it was. It was mid 40s here, too, and with sunshine. I thought about going out to do a little yard work but apparently, I reached my limit by just thinking about it.

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  2. How frustrating to have to deal with holes. We got our Star to help keep animals out of the garden. One of the first things that she did was dig up the asparagus patch. Can’t remember if I mentioned that before. Perhaps I did. Very smart with the slipcovers, and she looks very content. What a beautiful dog!

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  3. Kacey has really fallen on her feet there and settled in well. My personal limits for doing Yard Work-Don’t do any. My bungalow only had communal grassy areas which the local authotity care for I have a tiny ptch by the front door planted with a couple of Ju’s favourites which takes about 5 minutes to care for in the cutting/ pruning season.. Huge Hugs

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  4. It is useful to have a sofa cover or sheet on your sofa, especially with pets or if you aren’t keen on upkeeing your sofa often. It sounds like you are hard at work in the yard filling holes. Hope you get around to trimming the bushes, and maybe if it’s too cold, it’s a task for another day. At the moment my personal limits are around decluttering what I don’t need inside the home – trying to do a bit each week. That is a massive project in itself. Hope it warms up for you.

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          1. For us it has. This week it was two years ago that we moved and I asked Dan if he felt it was worth it. First he said, “I miss my screened porch.” Then he said, “I don’t miss the taxes, snow removal and lawn care.” So overall it was the right move. I miss my pond but I was at a point where even though it was small, the spring cleaning was hard on me. Transitions.


      1. I often spend a few hours in the garden in the morning then go out after lunch and cut grass with the riding mower. I pace myself but love when I can work outside when the weather is nice.


  5. The cover for the couch is a good idea. We have blankets and towels on everything so they can be comfortable and not leave too much hair on the surfaces. The things we do for the pooches! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I only do gardening when the sun is out. (The sun shines about 340 days a year here so I have lots of opportunities)


  6. I’m not a big fan of gardening either, which is why my flower pot gardening here in Spain is enough for me. We have a palm tree but it gets trimmed by a professional. I figured if I did the sunny days, and you did the cloudy days, we would get it done. (I spend about an hour every two weeks gardening!)


    1. I felt a sense of satisfaction when I looked at the garden from the porch. Most of the plants have been trimmed except those waiting to bloom. I can see the pasture now! There are other bushes that need attention, as well as two beds that should be cleaned out before new growth starts. I am grateful to have so much behind me.

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  7. I think I should start doing more stretching exercises since that first day out in the garden is always a killer and I have had times when I felt great while out there, only to come in and a few hours later, felt like a Mack truck ran over me.


      1. That’s the smart way to do it … all the bending. I was doing a lot of bending when I knew we were having the first big storm back in January. I overdid the stretches as I felt like I do after the first long session in the garden every year.

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