Wild Weather and a New Gate

The weather was wild across the United States last week, but we had wind and a severe thunderstorm. I’m not making light of it, because people we know were without power for hours. Neighbor Lisa said she saw huge bolts of lightning as she drove home from town. I didn’t see them, but I heard the thunder. Luckily Kacey didn’t react. You never know if a new-to-you dog will be scared of storms. I watched the wind push a plastic porch chair five feet and caught a video of ghostly chairs rocking with its force. As is so often the case, I didn’t get the most dramatic footage.

Ghostly Rockers on the Porch

Rain was about to hit full force when I ran out to catch the dance of the daffodils. In their frenzy, they didn’t seem to mind being captured by the camera. A day or so later I saw that one clump warming in the sun as I came home from walking. My eye-path was from the road to the back yard, quite a distance for these stalwart blooms.

Dozen Daffodil Dance

Neighbor D told us she had some wire for David, something she thought could have once been a bird cage. David put it across the landing of the front steps, and instantly Kacey had a big new play pen – the whole porch! Watch her exuberance as she sniffs her gate. She ran back and forth to me and David, finally leaning against him sitting on the steps. She also ran from one end of the porch to the other. I’ll say it once again, we have the greatest neighbors in the world!

Kacey Explores her New Gate

25 thoughts on “Wild Weather and a New Gate

    1. Perhaps those rocking chairs could tell a good story themselves if they could talk. I don’t have the right kind of imagination for fiction. I seem to imagine only terrible problems with no solutions. Thankfully, none of my worst case scenarios have ever happened in real life. I admire you for having good story lines and fleshing them out in vivid prose..

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  1. Isn’t it wonderful that the most mundane things can bring such pleasure to us! I love the poetry of “The Dance of the Daffodils” and agree with Darlene, Ghost Chairs is begging to be written. It is smiley-face time watching Kacey enjoying the new run, too. Happy Monday, Anne, and thanks for spreading the happy.

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    1. An hour after you commented, I am sitting on the porch in the sun. Might have to move soon, because my legs are baking in black jeans. This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. The music for an anthem with those words is playing in my head. Happy Monday!

      Where are the smiling faces when I need them?? Emojis vanished!

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  2. We had people in Michigan who were out of power for 5 days last week. Thankfully we were not among them. The great is such a great idea. We have a gate on our deck in the front and a small fenced in courtyard behind the deck so the dogs can go out off leash, and we don’t have to worry about them running off. It makes life so much easier.

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    1. Very dengerous thunderstorm & wind!
      I watch you video the wind porch chair five feet very nice it’s video. Wonderful Daffodils dance video. I like.
      Neighbour’s and dog and just fun people to be around. It’s a beautiful life. Iam so happy 😊


  3. Kacey’s excitement is almost tangible – even through a screen. Love it! Adorable. Glad your home remained intact through that wind. And yes, you do have amazing neighbors. Love that, too.


  4. I like the phantom rocking chair and dancing Daffodils, not to mention Kacey’s exuberance at her new gate and freedom to roam … to an extent, but still she is excited. Your videos really help us see what you are telling us about like “Show and Tell”!


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