Neighbors at the Creek

Knowing the temperature was right at the freezing point, I didn’t expect to see other walkers on the road. The cold didn’t keep neighbor Lisa from walking Rosie. One was wearing almost enough layers, and the other was fully equipped for chilly weather. They walked to the creek with me for the second time. I can’t remember when they first went, but I forgot to take photos and kicked myself afterward. This time the camera was ready. Lisa nimbly hopped down the rocks in two places so that Rosie could take a drink.

I don’t mind walking alone, but it’s delightful to have two-footed and four-footed friends to share the joy of the morning. I didn’t tell Kacey, in case she would get jealous.

33 thoughts on “Neighbors at the Creek

              1. I don’t know if she realizes it but with the build up of snow and ice in our yard, Molly could probably step over our six foot fence right now. I am just hoping the snow and ice melts before she figures it out.


  1. Walking with a friend is great. I used to complain that my walking buddy was a non-stop talker. (Honest, she really is.) I miss her. Since her husband died she only walks every other month or so. The incessant talking still drives me nuts but somehow I enjoy it. (Yeah, doesn’t make sense to me either!)


  2. I’m surprised Kacey didn’t give you the third degree when you got home. You must not have been close enough to get Rosie’s scent on you. Whenever I go somewhere and am around another dog my dogs sniff me all over when I get home. There is no keeping secrets from them.

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  3. You’re right … Kacey will be jealous you were having a good time with “another dog”. I hear similar mutterings from the squirrels if I don’t show up? (“Are you seeing other squirrels?”) πŸ™‚


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