Neighborhood Walking

We are not out of winter yet, but Spring walking has started. From time to time I will join someone already out walking, or a neighbor will walk part of my route with me. Today Lisa and dog Rosie came out of their house, walked to the stop sign with me, and came all the way to my house. Rosie got excited, because she adores Shawn, across the street from me.

As we got near, Lisa said she thought Shawn was not up yet. I said, “If we stand here talking loudly, maybe it will wake her up.”

As I walked to my driveway, Shawn’s door opened, and she was waving at us. I had to keep going to stay on schedule, but Lisa and Rosie went in so Shawn could get her “big dog” fix. Sadly, her boxer died recently, so Rosie helps fill the dog section of Shawn’s heart.

25 thoughts on “Neighborhood Walking

  1. More people are out and about walking here too but it’s been a cold and windy week. Next week promises to be more springlike so hopefully, people will come out of their houses!


  2. We have mix weather cool& warm but I like walk . You had excellent neighbours. Iam glad Rosie could provided some comfort for Shwan.


  3. Our Sunday was frigid, but I put on a warm jacket and a hat and set out with Charlie. We try to walk every afternoon in the same place so we have gotten to be familiar with many people and their dogs. It was meeting one dog that let me know that a cocker/poodle mix would be just right for us now. Hence Zoe, our little disruptor.


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