Chatting Over the Fence

I always thought it would be fun to chat with a neighbor over a fence. I found out how delightful it can be. Having let Kacey onto the front porch, I secured the wire gate to keep her in. Shawn’s Abbey returned Kacey’s bark, which alerted us humans that we were all outside. They came across the street while Shawn’s weed eater was being charged and had a lovely visit over the “fence”. We didn’t know, and didn’t want to find out, how the little dog and big dog would get along without the barrier. With it in place, Abbey took a nap in the sun, while Kacey found things to chew on. Shawn and I had no trouble filling the air with lots of words. How pleasant and satisfying that was!

37 thoughts on “Chatting Over the Fence

  1. Wasn’t there a TV show with an 0ver-the-fence segment though the neighbor’s face was mostly hidden? How great that Abbey and Kacey “cooperated”. 😊
    Paul and Betty


  2. Out here in the middle of no where the only neighbor who visits my fence is the little dog from up the hill. I have run him home more times than I can count and he keeps coming back. Most of the time he is finishing the cat food, which isn’t good for dogs. But a couple of time a year it gets serious and I have to keep a really close eye on my female dog. No…she isn’t fixed.


  3. I love chatting. How i met my best friend. Chatting over with his. She was my Nextdoor neighbour. Since we have been friends ever since.
    Beautiful photo. I like!


  4. Chatting over the fence was an art form of neighbours in years gone by. My M-i-l perfected this art! Practising it seems to cement a community of neighbourhood women who have lived in the same houses in the same street all of their long life. Perhaps it is the secret of their longevity.


  5. It’s always a mistake for me to try to talk to our neighbor from our deck because the deck is up high and they can’t get too close to it so when they reply to whatever I said I can’t hear them. It’s best if I just go down in the yard for a chat. I always enjoy that. 🙂 If Kacey and Abbey can be that close and that calm I think they would be fine without the fence.


  6. Our neighbor was out with Zoey, her black lab. We chatted about the activities this weekend. Zoey was only interested in rolling in the snow. A nice sunny day is rare here so we both were out. Over the fence talks are the best. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings. 🍀🍀🍀


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