Spring Walk

The weather is warming, and people are coming out again. Welcome Spring! As I walked, neighbor Shawn stopped her car and asked, “Are you going to come with us this afternoon?” Logan must have told her that I was willing (make that eager) to go to his first tennis match of the season after school. He had asked me when he came over to play chess with David. As they drove on to school, Logan had his window down to wave. I used my two-armed wave, a goofy custom we’ve had going for a while.

I spoke to “Woodman” as I walked past the place where he and his 80+ dad split firewood to sell to tourists and locals. He said, “We’ll have all seasons in one week!”

I replied, “I took off my coat.”

“It could be summer by the end of the week,” he said.

I called back, “I might go sun bathing.” It was fun to laugh with him.

Fluffy dandelion puffs waved me on as I went to the creek. Going back through the gas station, I saw Shawn turning off the highway, heading home.

At the top of the hill, I retrieved my jacket and hat hanging on the coat hook that Lisa and Harmony put up for me last year. This time I got a close up that, without the bright sun, shows my name.

Coming toward me were Lisa walking Rosie and Julie walking Mickey. Their animated talk and laughter added life to the mountain air. I’m sure Rosie is the largest dog I see on the road, and Mickey is one of the smallest. Holding my coat, I needed another hand to pet BIG and little at the same time.

It is marvelous to have brief conversations with the best neighbors in the world!

23 thoughts on “Spring Walk

  1. Now that is a special coat hook. Very nice. Spring ,even though there and there , is most welcome. How ever…I may have lost more than I thought in the last freeze. Boo!


  2. Ver you sharing your’s Spring walk. I like.
    Now that’s special coat hook. Very nice spring, here & there weather is warm.
    It seems all the neighbour feels the same way you.
    So beautiful your jacket & hat hanging on the coat hook.


  3. I will always be envious of your relationship with your neighbors … we had the Elmores across the street and Marge and Jim who lived there before her … that is three families in 56 years. A poor showing! You are indeed blessed.


  4. I’m so looking forward to that weather getting here. It’s slow coming. I’ve been telling my husband lately that God gave us two hands so we can pet both dogs at the same time.


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