End of Lise’s Visit

There was no stopping the days, but we did as many fun things as we could while daughter Lise was here. We walked to the creek almost every day when it wasn’t raining or we didn’t have an appointment. One day we went down to the water’s edge, picking our way carefully on the big rocks. For the first time I walked under the road bridge, a favorite place for fishermen.

  • We drove by for a quick sandwich at Burger King, where grandson David served us.

Here is the scene Lise could see from her bedroom.

The day before Lise’s departure, we met brother Bob and Beth at a barbecue restaurant halfway between our homes. It was a lucky find. Not only was the food delicious, but they didn’t mind that we sat there chatting for several hours.

I liked this shot of them. Beth looks normal, but Bob has a halo in the style of a medieval painting, as well as a small Pentecostal flame above his head.

The day Lise left, we had lunch on the porch. We let go gradually, texting from here to Asheville airport and Atlanta before her departure to Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

23 thoughts on “End of Lise’s Visit

    1. Thank you so much for being a part of my trip!! After all, if you hadn’t picked me up from the airport, I’d still be walking to Waynesville 😄😄😄

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  1. I love the photo of you under the bridge, Lise’s view, and of course, Bob’s halo! What a fun time it looks like you all had. It makes me miss my sister and all the fun we had during the caregiving trips to and from Texas.


  2. I think it was my grandmother who said that you have to leave in order to experience the joy of coming back…. Still doesn’t make it any easier to leave though 😉

    My hair stylist has a sign:
    “All guests bring happiness.
    Some by coming and others by leaving.”
    Hope I was the former 😎


  3. A great visit it’s wonderful Lise’s regular visit. Love the frist one photo of under the bridge. You all had a great time together. Beautiful photo of David serve us.
    All photography are excellent. Now you ! ✍️


  4. The view from Lise’s bedroom is fabulous!! How wonderful that she was able to visit and that you had such a great time. It’s so great to have grown-up kids. xo


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