The Search for Kitchen Chairs

Daughter Lise was rather appalled at our routine before sitting down for a meal. David and I checked the rungs beneath our chairs, upended them if necessary, and banged a rung back into place. The four wooden chairs had been with us in New York and were old, even then. John had glued them back together several times, but the glue had dried out. None of us wanted to hunt for the glue or find the vise that held the chairs together while drying. Only days before the end of Lise’s visit, the hunt was on.

We drove an hour to a thrift shop where we had bought dining room chairs a year or so ago. I knew they would have many chairs to choose from at a reasonable price. Only they didn’t. The whole section was closed off, because the furniture had been sent to a warehouse sale.

We drowned our sorrows in frozen yogurt on the way back to the car. The taste of various flavors were as vibrant as the colors.

Lise and I went to a thrift shop in Waynesville on a day when David was working. I told Lise there was only one kind of chair I would rule out before looking – ladder back chairs with rush seats like ones I had grown up with. There was a set of chairs that would have worked, but a matching table was included in the price. I had no place to put another table.

When David had a day off, we went to a different thrift store. Lise spotted six chairs and immediately crossed them off. They were ladder back chairs, ones she was sure I wouldn’t look at. Having seen no other chairs in the store, I wandered over to them. Golly! Each chair was $7!! I sat on one. It was sturdy and straight. The seat was not too deep, unlike the dining room chairs that were designed for tall men. Lise reminded me of my words as she tried one out. We made David test drive one, also. The photo shows David unloading the first of the four chairs I bought.

Did I buy them because I’m a miser? Yes, but the chairs were not uncomfortable. They will likely last the rest of my lifetime. My children can donate them to a thrift store if no one wants them. Here they are in their new home.

34 thoughts on “The Search for Kitchen Chairs

  1. I love your new chairs. Reminds me of my in-laws. Also penny-pinchers. There is a story of one of my brothers-in-law from when he was dating my sister-in-law. After a meal, they found out a chair leg had broken, and he ate the entire meal balancing on three chair legs. Notice he was added to the family 😀

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  2. Proud of you, you found replesment the chairs. They looke pretty with your table. The price was chief.
    Beautiful pic Dave for putting chairs arrangement. Delicious flavor yougart colour scup.


  3. I’m glad you found chairs that are more dependable. I was impressed by the price and they look great in your room and with the table. Who knew such a simple adventure would be so pleasant to read about. Thanks for taking me along.


  4. I think the chairs look just perfect and suitable for your room and they do look comfortable. It’s funny how these old things are often disregarded for luscious soft cushiony chairs that I know are not good for our backs when sturdy, straight back, hard chairs are actually much better for our posture and long-term back health.


  5. I like the new chairs – they work perfectly and no topples over to worry about. The yogurt flavors all look delicious and colorful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large assortment of yogurt flavors in one dish … a smooth-and-creamy feast!


      1. Do they have soft serve ice cream at BK like they have a McDonald’s. My mom and I used to go to McDonald’s sometimes for their cone when it was a quarter (probably $2.00 now).


          1. I can’t remember having soft ice cream at BK or maybe I had no room … I’d always get fries and onion rings and a Whopper Jr. – no room for much more! I was skinny as a rake in those days!


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