Snake (had been) in the Grass

Jeremy, the tree man, met Kacey and David as he went around the property with me to see what needed to be cut or trimmed. Near the old oak tree, Kacey almost stepped on a black snake (a good kind). We all saw the snake, commented on it, and walked away. When Jeremy looked back, he saw the snake climbing the tree! I took a photo of him as he made a video of the snake.

I didn’t think to make a video, but I have two shots that show the snake at the hole and slithering further in. I looked back after a minute or so, and the snake had totally disappeared into the hole. I hope it was empty, because in previous years we have watched birds entering there to feed their babies. We’ll be eating outside more often now that the weather is warmer, so I’ll see if birds take up residence there again.

25 thoughts on “Snake (had been) in the Grass

  1. Chris’s art studio in our old place had snakes in the walls. They were quite friendly garter snakes, but it always unnerved me a bit to walk in and have one there at shoulder level.

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  2. I didn’t know that snakes would live in holes in trees but we have found them in our stacks of firewood in the past. I don’t care for them but since we don’t have dangerous snakes in our area I tolerate them.

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  3. Nice you shoot the snake. I hope he eat bird’s eggs. He is denger black snake. You can’t SCARED for snake!


  4. That’s a big snake! We have garters all over the place right now. Looks as though Pierre and Genevieve (the names the girls gave the two snakes living under the front steps when we moved here 20 years ago) have made sure we will have few bugs!

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  5. Hope there were no birds or bird eggs in the hole and the snake helped itself. I hope you get to watch the baby birds if they remain unscathed . I am checking out Mrs. Cardinal in my barberry bush every day – she is embedded in there, so it’s difficult to see her in the nest. I looked up what color the babies will be … brownish/rust, so they will had to see until they get older.


      1. I’m surprised for such a large bird, there is such a small nest … looks like a small bowl. Hope you can fine them. I opened the gate to check on Mama today and a cat scurried away … I don’t think it would climb the barberry … too prickly for its tender feet.


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