I Didn’t Wave

Every year I was caught off guard. Riding along with John at the wheel, I’d see a person waving at me, and I’d wave back. I did catch myself the last two years, and lifted my arm only half way when I realized it was neighbor Warren’s scarecrow. This year I saw the scarecrow on my way to the creek the day after he was put up. Since his clothes are quite faded, he doesn’t make the same impact he once did. Clothes do matter!

Isn’t the garden neat? Weeds don’t stand a chance. The main crops are yellow squash and tomatoes. The contraption in the middle is a sprinkler, getting water from the creek running alongside. I will enjoy watching the progress as the plants grow, the squash splashes out with yellow blooms, and the tomatoes turn from green to red. The garden will look good until Warren plows everything up in the fall and puts the plastic covers and sprinkler away. The bare plot will rest again until spring.

24 thoughts on “I Didn’t Wave

  1. Wow friendly
    beautiful scarecrow. Beautiful garden palnt for tomoto & squash growth. Having a creek close by by is plus.


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