Neighborhood Snake

Neighbor Joyce came over to porch sit, since we hadn’t had a chance to chat for ages. As we sat there, she realized birds were making a fuss in the garden. The non-poisonous black snake was there, with three different kinds of birds on the ground near it. They were squawking and jumping. Evidently they were not afraid of the snake. I wondered if they had nests nearby and were ready to pounce if he began to climb. Snake climbed into a low bush at our feet, his body looking like one of the lateral limbs. I took a photo of Kacey and Joyce watching him, only a few inches away. Joyce thinks it might be the same snake that has hung about her house, catching rodents.

A bit later the snake slithered close to the house, and Joyce exclaimed that he was going into the generator. The day was a bit cool, so he might have enjoyed being in that enclosure that was warmed by the sun. Before Joyce left, Snake was back in the garden, perhaps heading to her house.

Neighbor Shawn has seen a snake like this, too, so perhaps he makes the rounds of all our homes. No one will bother him, because he is our free pest control agent.

36 thoughts on “Neighborhood Snake

      1. No until the very last year and they were garter snakes, equally harmless. When I cleaned the pond there was one in a submerged flower pot. Yikes! Not a fan of snakes and they will eat my frogs and fish.


  1. I’ve seen him coming out of the generator and headed to the garden… I think it was when I came for a couple of months during the pandemic, 2 years ago.

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  2. We had a large snake around here this week, too. It was in a bush by our front door. While I’m not thrilled with them I appreciate their ability to keep the mice and chipmunks away from the house.


              1. It appears you have 6 poisonous snakes.

                How many species of venomous snakes live in North Carolina?
                Six: copperhead, cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake, pigmy rattlesnake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake and eastern coral snake. There are also 31 nonvenomous species in North Carolina, for a total of 37 species.


      1. I don’t think he’s caught one yet, but he is always one the look out! Max used to catch them and throw them in the air. The snakes would play dead until he lost interest and then slither away to hide!


  3. We have black snakes and ringnecks. Both are welcome to keep the rodents out of our home!! You are right, no feeding or vet visits, LOL!! But they will eat bird eggs and baby birds, so certainly understandable that the birds were defending their territory.


    1. I do feel sorry for the birds, but I’m taking a hands-off position. An aside from the tree man — black snakes STINK. If you handle one, you’ll find it very difficult to get the smell off your hands.


  4. Oh wow – I’d be nervous with the snake happenings. As to bugs, my mom always gave me the line “bugs are more afraid of you, than you are of them.” Um … not sure of that. She never said that line as to snakes as we’d seen no snakes. Kacey looks mesmerized by the snake.


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