Two-step Monday

I took two steps forward, and now two steps backward. The good news is, I’m back where I started about two years ago! When my retina leaked I went for an injection once a month. I advanced to six week intervals, then eight weeks, but I couldn’t hold it. I went back to six weeks and now four again.

Three days before my regular appointment, my vision was a bit blurred. I excused it as an allergy. The next day I blamed dirty glasses. A dirty windshield was the next excuse, only the glass wasn’t dirty. The retina scan showed my vision went from 20/30 to 20/40. If I had only that eye, I could still function, but I would be limited to reading poster-sized materials. Center vision is useless at the moment..

There is a funny story to the day, though. When I booked the bus ride, the scheduler said I should be ready for pickup at 11:45 for a 1:15 appointment. I wrote it down and still had that note on the kitchen table. I had also had two reminders from the office that I was due there at 1:15. Luckily, I showered right after walking and ate breakfast with David. He heard the bus honk and thought it was the lawn service truck leaving. It wasn’t. It was the bus waiting outside for me!

I ran out and told the nice driver that there was some mistake. He called the dispatcher, and she said I was down for a 9:45 pickup before an 11:15 appointment. It was her word against mine. Thinking quickly, I decided to go immediately. I could wait in the doctor’s office as easily as I could at home. My phone was charged, meaning I had hours of things I could do. Reading was possible if I closed the right eye.

We had gotten as far as the highway when the driver said he didn’t have another pickup until noon. I said, “If I’d known that, I would have offered to cook you breakfast.”

He said, “We could turn around, but I guess we’ve gone too far.”

It was gratifying that there was regret in his voice.

22 thoughts on “Two-step Monday

  1. Oh my. What an adventure. Glad you were up, dressed and had food in you. Poor driver didn’t know what he was missing — having a chance to eat your cooking and not being able to take the chance. I would have been really disconcerted. Love your attitude.

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  2. Anne, I’m sorry to read that your two steppin’ is now not going in the right direction, but at last you have reliable transportation to get to/from the eye doc so that worry can be cast aside. Hang in there please!


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