Birthday Outing

John, his sister Barbara, and Thom celebrated John’s birthday by going to the Pisgah Inn for lunch. We had an hour’s wait for a window table, so we went on the deck for the view. I’m sure there are other wonderful places that have a good view, but this was the best one we knew.

090817 Thom BA JC at Pisgah Inn.jpg
Thom, Barbara, John at Pisgah Inn

It was worth the wait. Since we were there late, the crowd soon thinned, and we had a quiet meal.

090817 BA Thom JC eating at Pisgah Inn.jpg

None of us were hungry after that good meal, so we decided to share one piece of cake with ice cream among the four of us. Didn’t they do a lovely job?

090817 Birthday cake at Pisgah.jpg

11 thoughts on “Birthday Outing

  1. The view looks wonderful and I’m not looking at the chocolate cake and ice cream as I say that. I love the personal touch round the edge of the dish and I’m sure John must have loved it.
    A belated Penblwydd Hapus John.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


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