She’s Here!

Daughter Lise arrived to spend Thanksgiving with us and will be here almost two weeks. Let the giggles begin!

I took the obligatory photo at the creek the first day. Blue/gray seemed to be the cast of the morning. Those colors suggest sadness, but we were anything but sad!

111717 Lise JC at creek.jpg

By this time Lise had told us about the company move a few weeks ago. Maersk Oil moved from the big white building near The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen’s harbor to a brand new place only a few blocks from her flat. She walks about fifteen minutes to get there. One of her friends teased her, saying, “I knew you were the planner for this move, and now I know why!”

100617 Lise's office.jpg

I thought all the autumnal colors had faded, but those near Walmart’s parking lot were still vibrant. That was as good an excuse as any to make Lise pose for me.

111717 Lise with fall trees.jpg

By napping several times, Lise seemed to rise above jet lag. I had no excuse for my tongue. When mentioning neighbors Jeff and Dawn late at night, I said Deff and Jawn. That set off uncontrollable laughter. Time for bed on day one!

34 thoughts on “She’s Here!

  1. How wonderful! Happy photos, happy days. We too are a close family and spend as much time as we can with family celebration events together. Enjoy your time with your daughter. All the best. Karen x


  2. I am thrilled for you! I know you are beside yourself with joy! I hope everything turns out beautifully-and you get enough rest to say what you mean! haha! My children at school, say “chack the stairs” now for years because of me! instead of stack the chairs!


  3. Your daughter looks beautiful, sweet and happy! Is that her workplace in Copenhagen? Gorgeous! I was in that lovely city on my honeymoon waaaay back in ’67. My ex & I were very into ‘Danish modern’ furniture (I still am!) and brought back with us a gorgeous tray-table (like for a bed patient) made of rosewood and chrome. I still have it and now have a beautiful plant on it! I also still have our (now my) rosewood bedroom set which was made in Denmark. Anyway, have a fabulous visit “chez vous”!!


  4. And a grand visit ma you have. In OK after attending Ft Sill Basic Trng graduation for grandson. In OKC with 2 Grands and 4 Greats. Monday to MS via Al, Turkey day Egg Bowl MSU vs MS with Senior grand Abby, daughter and husband. Will celebrate T day on Friday. 46 mph winds whipping across the plains today.


      1. We have had a family Thanksgiving in the RV before (when we were weekend/vacation camping) and it went surprisingly well. Mike smoked the turkey outside and we worked on the sides via stove, oven, and crockpot–it was one of our favorites. This year, though–the pros are handling it. Mike’s mom and dad and all of his siblings are together here in Austin. We’re just doing a couple pies, so we are good to go. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Anne!


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