Culinary Contest – Tennessee vs.New Jersey

Last summer I was reintroduced to MoonPies, a Southern favorite I hadn’t had since I was a child. MoonPies were invented in Chattanooga TN in1917. The story goes that a miner asked for a filling snack as big as the moon that would fit in his lunchbox, and the rest is history. We bought a box of them. Our grandsons were not impressed, and I have to admit, I thought the sweets had more chocolate taste years ago. The snack is a sandwich – two graham cookies with a marshmallow filling, coated with chocolate. The boys said Mallomars were much better.

We looked for Mallomars and discovered they are not produced during warm-weather months. Hot weather would melt the treats. At long last, I remembered to look and found Mallomars at our local supermarket. We also found a knock-off at Aldi, the German grocery chain. Now the contest was on. Would either of the sweets beat MoonPies? The answer was, yes, hands down! As soon as Nathaniel tasted the Aldi brand, he said MoonPies were out of the running. Tennessee, you lost.

022018 Mallomar contest.JPG
Note: We ate lunch on the porch!

The next contest was between Mallomars and Aldi’s brand. According to the Mallomars box, they were invented by Nabisco in 1913 and sold in West Hoboken, NJ. They are still a Northern treat – 70% of all sales are made in the New York metropolitan area. I was glad our local market made the 30% cut. With no dramatic drum roll, we put one of each on our plates. Nathaniel and John made quick decisions in favor of Mallomars. They liked the darker chocolate coating. I held out for the Aldi’s brand for two reasons. The base cookie was chocolate, and it cost about half the amount of Mallomars. I knew I was a miser, but I had no idea miserliness could direct the taste buds. It will be interesting to see where David will cast his vote in a couple of weeks.

15 thoughts on “Culinary Contest – Tennessee vs.New Jersey

  1. Are Mallomars like Pinwheel cookies? My grandpa loved Pinwheel cookies, but I didn’t like them. I’ve never had a Mallomar, but I do like a MoonPie every once in a while. Especially those banana-flavored ones. No nutritional value at all. *yum*


    1. Ah! Pinwheel cookies! That’s the name I should have been looking for! We may have to start the experiment over. I haven’t looked for the original Pinwheel in the supermarket. We should compare those to the Aldi ones, shouldn’t we? I lumped them all together because they have similar components.


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