A Snowy Day

There was snow during the night, which continued through our walking time. The temperature was well below freezing, but it was the wind that concerned us. The weather station said it was 15 mph. We went out anyway, making our ice report to neighbor Joyce. If the roads have black ice, we text Joyce to be careful going to work. The wind had been quiet, but near the stop sign it began to blow. We turned and went home, enjoying the snowy neighborhood as we walked.

031418 Snowy walk.JPG

The little cat accompanied us half way to the stop sign and waited for us to come back. She was in hunting mode, but would pause (paws) now and then to be petted.

031418 Cat in hunting mode.JPG

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of Egg MacMehrling and coffee in our toasty-warm house.

19 thoughts on “A Snowy Day

    1. The breakfast sandwich is a takeoff on the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin. John has bacon, and I have sausage on an English muffin. I poach my egg, while cooking his in the microwave. He likes cheddar cheese on his, while I prefer the spicy pepper Jack.

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  1. Watch that black ice for yourselves as well – the Winter that will not end, no matter where you live – but mercifully neither of us lives in Boston. I’m curious about Egg MacMehrling just like Arlene. The sky was pretty despite all the white stuff that had fallen.


  2. Anne,
    I am wondering how I missed this post-was I too busy to check. Lucky you for the lingering, wintry, snowy days. And lucky for the children too.
    Black ice- this term I have heard used but never know what it is.
    MacMerhling sounds good. You are a great cook.


    1. Black ice is a coating of invisible ice covering a paved road. I don’t remember ever hearing of it when I was a child. Most roads in my area would have been made of concrete or gravel, so ice would not have appeared black. These days, many roads are paved with some form of tar, and therefore black.

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  3. Ooooo what a fabulous Mackerel Cat!

    We woke to what for us was a good snow fall this morning. This is a very rare happening here in Dorset (South of England UK). So excitement from us, disdain from cats and dog. No one wanted to go out for a wee. . . until they could plait their legs no longer and bravery had to be displayed. Back home within moments mind. lol


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