Unnatural Nature Shots

After accidentally spilling birdseed on the deck, I saw many more birds coming to eat. One of my favorites is the Eastern Towhee. To me, he is a fancy bird – colorful and with pretty white markings on the black feathers on his back.

051518 Eastern towhee on our deck.JPG

We’ve had song sparrows all along, but with easier access to the seed, more came. I enjoyed watching a mother feed her baby. She would eat about four seeds and turn to pop one into the baby’s mouth. It took a while for me to realize the baby was pecking at seeds himself, while crying for her to feed him. I wanted to tell her to make him do the dishes.

051518 Song sparrow feeding young one.JPG

The horse chestnut trees had more blooms this year than I’ve seen before. One tree presented a blossom for my inspection on a low branch near the creek. The ones I used to see in New York were much, much larger and whiter than this. Perhaps there are different kinds, or maybe the altitude makes a difference.

051418 Bloom on horse chestnut tree by stream.JPG

39 thoughts on “Unnatural Nature Shots

  1. I have found that seeds on the ground often encourage more birds and more varieties too. I don’t do I so much in the summer, but I do some ground feeding all winter along with my feeders and birdbath.


    1. I don’t keep a birdbath filled in the winter. They have to go to the local (stream) for that. I haven’t fed birds this late in the season, either. I hate to quit when they are enjoying it so much.

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  2. Anne,
    I find birds love bird seed but not wheat, though it is grain.
    Love your pictures and the story of the mother feeding the spoilt son-bird.
    And you know a lot about trees.


  3. That is a fancy bird and I’ve never seen one like that before. The mom/baby sparrow were so cute and your story was as well. I do miss feeding the birds, so the peanut-eating birds in the Park help to give me the “bird fix”. On the way home from the Park, I pass a house with three hummingbird feeders in the front yard. I don’t know if that is too close to the busy cross street, but I’m hoping to get some photos of them once the weather is warmer.


    1. I wonder what happened to your sparrows. I see two types, the song sparrow and the chipping sparrow. Although the one that was imported from Europe is common, I never see that house sparrow on the deck.

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  4. Love the pictures Anne! I have been attempting to get some photos of the Baltimore Orioles, Goldfinches and Redheaded woodpeckers around here. I am not being very successful as they seem pretty leery of a camera pointed their way.

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  5. There was birdseed on my deck. There was also a sunflower seed feeder. A big black bear came tonight and ate everything. It also terrified the inhabitants in the house. Arghhhh!


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