Hunting for Waterfalls

From the waterfall book John gave me, I picked out the destination of Yellow Creek Falls, about 100 miles away. The drive through the mountains was very pleasant. The walk to get there was labeled a #5, a moderate hike with some uphill sections, roots, stones, and a ridge to climb. Red flags did not go up, but they should have. Two couples coming back to their cars warned of a tree down over the narrow path and muddy sections. I could never have made it without grandson David ahead and John behind to steady me. I’m glad to say, my replaced knees passed this endurance test with flying colors. David was sure-footed and nimble, leaping over the trail like a goat. While I went through easier sections, he scouted ahead. We went off the path several times to look at the stream, making the climb worthwhile.

The downed tree was quite an obstacle. One of the couples showed us their battle scars, so we knew it would not be easy. David practically did the Limbo under it. I sat on it and swung my legs over, scraping myself just once on a protruding branch. I was so relieved to make it that I didn’t watch John going over.

052118 (7) David at Yellow Creek Falls.JPG
David at Yellow Creek Falls

When we came back down the trail, a big family group was approaching. Two of the fellows figured out how to brace the fallen tree with sturdy branches and used the leverage to break it free. That was a service to mankind, or at least to cascade-seekers.

The young people had on swimsuits, making David wish he had brought his suit. He wondered where they would swim. I found the answer on line after we got home. The swimming hole was at the base of the falls.

The hike was supposed to be only a third of a mile (536 meters), but we felt it was quite a bit more. John added two other falls for us to find in that area, so we were late on his schedule. Thank heavens we could drive to both near the Tennessee border! We saw Bald River Falls from a bridge and parked a few feet beyond it. Two sets of people were swimming there. If David had been a dog, he would have wagged his tail and whined.

052118 (8)Bald River Falls.JPG
Bald River Falls, complete with swimmers on the left and right

A short distance away we found Baby Falls, a site with a paved parking lot, picnic tables, and public outhouses. Define a public outhouse, you ask? It’s a structure with a toilet, no running water, but plenty of toilet paper supplied by the national park. I called it a luxury, considering the remote location where GPS and cell phones don’t work.

052118 (9) Baby Falls near Bald River Falls.JPG
Baby Falls

A group of teens were in the water below the falls. David had already stopped to look when I heard something hit the water. I turned in time to see a young fellow come up from his dive.

052118 (10) Swimmers at Baby Falls.JPG
Zooming in on teens at Baby Falls

All four took turns diving from the boulders above. One even did a back flip! The camera caught the action of one, though I suspect you will see him slide across the screen instead of down.

[Does anyone know if it is possible to rotate a video?]

I was prepared to stay there as long as necessary to extract a promise from David that he wouldn’t dive when he returns with his swimsuit. He immediately said, “I wouldn’t take a chance like that, Gran.”

David also agreed that he would not wade across the top of the falls as two of the teens did. Every year I read in the newspaper about people who fall to their deaths after slipping on rocks above waterfalls.

John remarked that we had been away from the house for over twelve hours in our waterfalls quest. He said he could have driven to New York in that time. He admitted that he felt as if he had been driving the whole time and was weary. I’m glad he has already said that we will spend a night on the road if I go with him to Long Island in June.

43 thoughts on “Hunting for Waterfalls

  1. What a great adventure! I love the pictures. I don’t know about rotating a photo but I suppose I could just turn my computer sideways and watch it. I actually thought it was funny the way it is. LOL.

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    1. We were surprisingly warm while hiking, because our temps are still in the spring range. Knowing how cold mountain streams can be, I cannot understand how the swimmers stayed in the water more than ten seconds.

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  2. That was a very picturesque trip Anne and I enjoyed how you detailed it for us and seeing all those beautiful falls and water. Sounds pretty rigorous for anyone, not just you with your store-bought knee. As for the video, I just turned my head and that worked fine!

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  3. i love this post. I love yours adventurous spirits- my family would not have done it.Look for waterfalls on the map and then go looking for them- not for my people.I admire you, Anne and how you made it on the “short”trail up to the waterfall.
    I wonder how the boys know they won’t hit rock when they dive ? I hope David does not dive, honestly. I would be petrified even to watch.
    Thanks for sharing the photos of the beautiful greenery- I miss it. And the dive video. I like it as it is.

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    1. David and I love waterfalls, and John is excellent at planning trips. I was almost sure I would have pain in my knees the following day, but there wasn’t even a twinge!! Swimmers should ALWAYS check the depth of the water before diving, but some don’t. I’ll admit to praying for those boys as they dove. I felt like a guardian angel, standing there high above the waterfalls, asking God to protect them.

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    1. There are always things we’d like to do. John is a great facilitator, and once he gets behind an idea, things happen. We felt we wasted the grandsons’ days off last summer and hope to do things they are interested in.

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  4. I never know what you’re going to get up to next. I’m glad the knees survived this journey which by the way looks gorgeous. I’m sure David will remember his trunks next time.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Our day was longer than anticipated, and we came home in darkness. We had a wonderful time together Next time, I’m sure David will take his trunks, and I shall take my cane.

      xxx Swimming Hugs xxx


  5. You give me hope Anne, I am facing knee replacement myself and I’m just 57. I will exhaust all other options first, but it’s bone on bone now, I don’t think there is much therapy that’s effective at this point.


  6. What beautiful pictures. I love waterfalls–something calming about them. You live in a magical area (we are currently in Knoxville for a couple of days and leaving shortly to Ohio for a family gathering). My exploring is nil this trip around due to a flare in my rheumatoid disease, but the greening views and fresh air around me are making it much more tolerable. I love this area and can’t wait to return and explore some more. I need to put these falls on my list! Take care. Dawn


    1. I hope you will go to Baby Falls and Bald River Falls. They are a very short distance apart and right beside the road. They are 100 miles from Asheville. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope you will be better soon. John and I would love to meet y’all when you are in this area.


    1. Before we left on our adventure, we had a big breakfast — sausage, bacon, eggs, and biscuits. We weren’t hungry until we’d finished the “moderate” hike. We ate in a local restaurant in Robinsville where we soaked up the air conditioning. We ordered a Phili Cheese Steak, chicken salad sandwich, and a mushroom hamburger. We cooled down enough to enjoy the next two waterfalls before heading home in the dark. We had a bowl of ice cream and fell into bed. I love talking about food, too, but I avoid writing about it. People would look at my phat foto and say, “No wonder!”

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  7. I assume your using a PC.
    This may help…….In Media Player,press the “Start” button and choose Windows Movie Maker from all the program. Open the program and click “Add videos and photos” under “Home” toolbar add the video to the program. Click the rotate buttons to rotate the video to left or right in 90 degrees.


    1. You would have come away with a design for paper. I didn’t have any productive result except the song in my heart. Oh, and the memories that you mentioned! Mustn’t forget the memories.


  8. could there be better adventure, than searching for waterfalls with loved ones? I admire your work now? Hiking is work! Thank you for getting David to promise not to dive!! I was worried about that! love Michele


    1. David thought I knew he had more sense than to dive in unknown waters. My attitude was to give a warning rather than be sorry later for not having spoken. He didn’t hold it against me. He’s a good egg.

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  9. This looks like a wonderful day out – cool and refreshing! I love the idea of just picking a waterfall and setting off. There is a beautiful on the Swedish/Norwegian border and its force is always astonishing and so powerful – we walk on the rocks above it but some go far too close for comfort! Lovely to share your day virtually with you, Anne! 😀


  10. The waterfall looks beautiful. It’s always hard to tell ahead of time how difficult a hike will be. It’s good to hear that your knees held up during the hike with flying colors.


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