Family and Favorite Foods

We made the most of a few hours spent with John’s sister Barbara and Thom on Long Island. Daughter Kate had already driven from New Jersey and picked up her son Nathaniel. We converged to eat pizza from our favorite pizzeria. The deer-in-the-headlights photo was more a reflection of the photo flash than shock or surprise.

062218 BA Thom Kate JC N.JPG
Barbara, Thom, Kate, Nathaniel, and John

Nathaniel’s high school graduation was postponed one day because of weather. Barbara and Thom left for Maryland to go to their grandson’s christening, so the four of us had a full day to play and visit. We had breakfast at my favorite bakery, the one my sisters- and mother-in-law frequented years ago. What a treat!

062318 Bakery Kate John Nathaniel.JPG

We had such a good lunch at the Public House that we ate only oranges and strawberries as a snack before bed. You can see our anticipatory smiles. John was wearing a tie because we had been to Mass at 5 pm. If the graduation had not been postponed to church time on Sunday, we would have gone to the Lutheran church we belonged to for 50 years.

062318 Public House Kate John Nate.JPG
Kate, Nathaniel, and John at the Public House restaurant

062318 N K JC fruit snack for supper.JPG

The weather was surprisingly cool, cool enough that we shut the windows!  Who could have known we would be shivering in the middle of June?

20 thoughts on “Family and Favorite Foods

  1. Anne,
    I second the above suggestion. Your camera and the colors of the pictures are superb.
    Nothing is greater than quality family time.And the cool weather is a bonus.


  2. Congrats to Nathaniel!!! And Kate looks great. Everyone does! So wonderful you all got to be there. Thanks for sharing the happy time. Love you all!


  3. You certainly log some miles. We sat outside with a fire in the pit two nights ago with light jackets on. Now we look at 90 plus for the next 7 days. Crazy days of summer. Congrats Nathaniel!!

    Grands and Greats arriving in a few days via, OK, UT & OR. Will depart from here to MI, AL, Maxwell AFB for a six-week Squadron Officer’s School. Shall end flying from Atlanta to a new home in Geilenkirchen, Germany for 4 years the end of August.


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