We were up early to be ready for grandson Nathaniel’s high school graduation. While waiting, I asked for a re-enactment of the tall one’s stair climb. The day before, I saw Nathaniel get to the top of the stairs, taking only two or three steps. He was hampered this time by the graduation gown and not having the right shoes.

Nathaniel’s dad, Peter, saved seats in the bleachers for us. I suppose many high school graduation ceremonies take place on the school’s football field. I know mine did 58 years ago. Luckily clouds covered the sun much of the time, so we didn’t bake. The band began to play Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance precisely on time, and the faculty and students processed to their seats.

062418 Graduation procession.JPG

Most of the speeches were predictable, but the valedictorian’s address was a poem! Impressive! Two people read the names of the graduates as they filed past the podium, making fast work of a tedious ritual. There were 364 of them, so it could have been excruciating. There was no stately recession at the end, just tons of blue-robed graduates mixing with family and friends. The ceremony was over only one hour after it began. Amazing!

062418 Anne Nate JC at graduation.jpg
Nathaniel with John and me
062418 Nathanial Kate after graduation.JPG
Nathaniel and his mother, Kate

Before graduation, Nathaniel went to the prom.

062018 Nathaniel going to his prom.jpg

33 thoughts on “Graduation!

      1. I saw that, bless his heart. I have one grandson that at 12 was almost as tall as his dad (6’4″) and a younger brother by a year that lagged behind. He’d good humorously say, “I got the short genes”, then I didn’t see him for awhile and suddenly he caught up. Not quite as tall but up there. Go figure. I think this new generation tends to be tall anyway though… or I”m shrinking. tee hee


        1. Nathaniel’s older brother David shot up suddenly, and we all celebrated his height. When Nate began to grow, he measured himself against David every time they were together. That exercise must have worked, because Nathaniel is about 7 inches taller now.

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  1. Congratulations, Nathaniel. Anne, you have a young man now in your family. Seeing the happy smiles all around was a treat. Glad it didn’t rain as predicted and wasn’t too hot to bake.
    Did he have exams before graduation or was it project work submission ?

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  2. Congratulations to Nathaniel on his accomplishment. He sure is tall – oh my. I was a good six inches taller than both my parents … he must be 1 1/2 feet taller than you and John, plus the mortarboard adds another 1/2 foot! Now will Nathaniel be ready to pursue his culinary studies?

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    1. I make use of Nathaniel’s height by asking him to reach things in the top cabinets. He stands there flat-footed and easily gets things for which I’d need a step-ladder. He starts work on Tuesday at the steak house where he worked last summer. In two months he’ll go to college.

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      1. That’s good – he’s got a long time off before he hunkers down for school and can work and have free time to spend with you, John and David. Nathaniel has to be way over six feet tall – now I understand the changing of the mirrors. I did not before.


              1. Oh my – Nathaniel and the other fellow could have been basketball players. I never realized he was that tall before that post at his graduation party. Where does he get the tall genes from – his dad I think as Kate did not look tall. My father was 5′ 3″ and my mother 5′ 2″ and I am 5′ 9″. I looked like I didn’t belong to them, even though I am the spittin’ image of my father. Hair, glasses, coloring.


  3. I love these photos of Nathaniel’s graduation. My first grandson just turned twelve this week. He is also very tall, beginning to tower over my 5 foot four already. You look beautiful and so happy in the photograph.


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