Graduation Party

Grandson Nathaniel’s graduation party was held in a county park under shade trees. When Nathaniel arrived, he immediately started the charcoal fire. He and his brother Alex did most of the cooking.

062418 N starts fire for graduation party.JPG

We were so happy his dad’s family could be there so that we could visit. Nate’s other grandmother, two brothers, and two sets of aunts and uncles, and four cousins were there from Massachusetts and Long Island.

062418 Most of Nate's paternal family.JPG

062418 Nathaniel and two brothers.JPG

Nathaniel is used to cooking and dealing with food, so it didn’t faze him a bit to cut the cake. For those who don’t know, he took culinary arts the last two years of high school and is now a certified food manager. He is going to Johnson & Wales in Charlotte this fall.

062418 Peter Kate watch Nate cut cake.JPG
Peter and Kate watch Nathaniel cut his cake

25 thoughts on “Graduation Party

    1. I think Nathaniel was in 7th grade when he decided to wear a suit to school every day. There is no telling what other students wore under their graduation robes, but he had on this suit. A few years ago he told people he would wear shorts to school on the last day. He did, and some didn’t recognize him at first!

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      1. How interesting. My FourthBorn insisted on wearing a necktie to school in 3rd grand and he carried my old briefcase. Fortunately in our small town he didn’t get much grief about it – 3 big sport-o brothers.


    1. We never did see much of Peter’s family. His parents moved to MA shortly after he and Kate married. Only one of Peter’s three brothers is local. It was delightful to visit with them again.


        1. He was in 7th grade when he decided he would wear suits to school. I think it’s amazing that he kept it up for six years. Today he found a knot for a tie on the internet and followed the instructions for tying it. I laughed at his mirror — he used the phone in selfie mode to check the results.

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