Celebrating with Friends

After grandson Nathaniel’s graduation party, we had dinner with friends of long standing. They have known our grandson all his life. I enjoyed hearing about their granddaughter’s graduation two days before. Her class had 93 graduates and was quite different. Instead of processing them like cattle, someone read a short bio about each one. They included awards, academic achievements, and where the student would be going to college. In addition to all the speeches and lengthy diploma ritual, this class had a formal recessional. The graduation ceremony took twice as long as Nathaniel’s. It must have been very gratifying.


When host Al knew Nathaniel was inside, he invited him out to help cook the steaks. What a meal we had! The meat was exceptionally tender and tasty. They also served a tossed salad, corn on the cob, a corn concoction in the husk, and fresh bread. Ice cream with a choice of hot toppings ended the meal. Excellent coffee set it off to perfection.

062418 Karen and Nate serve dessert.JPG

Being with old friends is such a delight. You pick up right where you left off, because you have a shared history. Through the evening we caught up on recent events and verbally checked up on mutual friends. I don’t remember a train conversation this time, but Al is always trying to share at least one tidbit of information on trains that John doesn’t know. Once in a while he succeeds. Karen and I talked about graduated grandchildren and our college days, among a thousand other things. I’m ashamed to say I forgot to ask what she was knitting these days. She’s an expert and creates the most beautiful things. I lined everyone up for a quick photo as we were leaving. It had been a soul-satisfying evening.

062418 Nate Al Karen John after dinner.JPG

27 thoughts on “Celebrating with Friends

        1. I agree, the Rabbit Patch is a serene place. Michele must be a powerhouse, though. She has written about cleaning barns, mowing the grass, battling awful weeds, and painting rooms. She mentions things she has cooked and meals she has served without commenting on the work that went into it. The fast-paced activity I write about is mostly John. He is always pushing to “get up and get going”. I call that his mantra. We have more activity now that both grandsons are here for the summer.

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      1. I thought it was – I remember your picture with some snow on it if I remember that part correctly. I like the Fall – it is my favorite season, even though it is the prelude to Winter. I just like the crispness of it, the clothes, the colors …


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