Supreme an Orange

Grandson Nathaniel had several things going in the kitchen when he picked up an orange. He asked, “Would you like to see me supreme an orange?” (Supreme sounded like “sup prim” to me.) I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained that for presentation, orange slices should have no membrane with them. Hmmmm. Sounded awfully fiddly to me. See if you agree.

He cut both ends off the fruit. Setting the orange on an end, he made a downward slice to remove skin and pith, continuing until the orange was naked.

Holding the orange in his hand, he sliced from the edge to the center. The membrane remained close to his hand. The second cut freed the first slice, which he put in a bowl. He pulled the membrane under his thumb and continued until all the slices had been done. That left only membrane in his left hand. Neat!


The miser in me couldn’t watch him throw away those juicy bits, so I ate them. All that was left was the center of the orange and the pretty slices, which were not displayed nicely.

022619 (7).JPG

I asked what he was going to use the fruit for, and he replied that it was just practice for him. Wow!  All that just for practice?  We ate what was left, and we were both happy.

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