Life is exciting in the mountains! I went snowboarding today! I was in my kitchen in the Smokies, and niece Chrissie was snowboarding down her mountain in New England. She took me with her by phone, up the lift and down the slope. Whee! It was great fun. She is so technically savvy that she could talk while whizzing down. She paused from time to time to show me a windmill, their condo building, other trails, her husband Chris going down ahead of her, the junction with a ski trail, her feet on the board, and the slow sign at the bottom. She pointed out that Chris was using his toes. She is working on that, but is more comfortable on her heels. If I had been adroit with my phone, I would have taken a screen shot to include here. David came in to catch the last half of the run and could greet his cousin when I turned on my camera. This was a marvelous experience that I would like to repeat. Next time, maybe I’ll stand up and burn a few more calories.

31 thoughts on “Snowboarding!!!

      1. I’m sure I know what you mean, Anne. When I was little I was positive I’d be a world-class figure skater. Back then there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to learn to ice skate in Arizona. However, the last time I got thrown off a horse I decided my life was quite full without ice skating. ☺

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  1. Love this! The one time I tried skiing, I spent most of the time on the seat of my pants before giving up and going inside to sit in front of the fireplace with a drink in hand. I imagine I’d be just at hopeless at snowboarding. It’s fun to watch someone else do it, though!


  2. Sounds like fun.I have only snow skied once and loved it. that was way back in time …not sure I could do it now. Same for water sking and ice skating. Youth…it was agood time.


  3. I think of my days in Japan & Okinawa 50+ years ago making a long distance, mostly unintelligible conversation with my wife back in New Jersey. Now I move forward to today’s Electronic Wizardry and our face time with the Grands & Greats in the Netherlands. Just amazing, is all I can say. Hop on the board and enjoy the ride.


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