Day Before the Wedding

Colorado is gorgeous, especially with the sun shining on the snow-capped peaks as you drive to a wedding.

We went straight to the old freight station in Leadville, where John helped set up for the reception. I took a nap in the car, trying to recover from an altitude headache. This took me by surprise, since being in Denver twice had not been a problem. Someone said Leadville is the highest city in the US. I woke up hearing a train whistle and got out of the car in time for a shot of the engine. I should have known that John would sense it. He said someone took his photo as he watched the excursion train go past.

We went out to lunch with the parents of the bride, Carolyn and Eric. John and Eric are first cousins; their mothers were sisters. It was wonderful to have a special visit with them at this busy time.

As we left the restaurant, Carolyn pointed to a mountain and said that was where the bridal couple were. Anna and Eddie started hiking up the mountain at 6 am with friends. They hiked up and came down on skis. I suspect lots of people were relieved they all got down without breaking a leg. I don’t remember the name of the mountain, but it is the highest peak in the state.

The East coast relatives got here in time for a very short nap before we went to the rehearsal dinner. The New Yorkers had gotten up at 2:30 in the morning, and the ones from South Carolina at 4:20.

Carolyn said 150 people were coming for the wedding. As far as I know, not a one was local. The bride and groom picked Leadville because they had many happy memories of doing their extreme outdoor sports in that area. It was wonderful that the meal drew all of us together. As the crowd gathered, the cousins posed on the deck. Look at how the mountains tried to photo-bomb the shot!

Jay, Eric, Chris, Carolyn, John, Thom, Kirsten, Barbara

After the meal, everyone sat inside to enjoy hearing friends of the couple speak about them. The question was, “What were your thoughts and feelings when you heard that Anna and Eddie had gotten engaged?” There were many comments about their meeting on an airplane, but that is where the romance began. As the friends talked, we began to get a mental picture of the couple. They are loving, caring people who have many friends and admirers. It was marvelous to be caught up in the love surrounding them.

39 thoughts on “Day Before the Wedding

  1. Mt. Elbert is the highest peak. I’ve not climbed it but my husband has. I did 15 others but never got around to that one. Lovely scenery there and oooh, I know about the headaches. Take an aspirin each day. It thins the blood and helps oxygen through more easily. It took me awhile to learn that trick. It actually took me three months for my body to acclimate when we moved there.

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  2. Hi Anne,
    You went to attend a wedding ? i was thinking you went for a summer vacation in the mountains. Are the mountains a lot higher than the Smokies ? Hope your headache is better now.
    A big wedding from what you wrote and enjoying all the relatives is great. The mountains are beautiful with the snow on them. Did I miss a bride and groom picture?
    The previous post, you called, ” one mile high”? Is that the title of a popular song? Am I missing something here?


    1. Yes, we are going to the wedding this afternoon. The mountains are lots higher here. We live at 2,600 feet. Today we are at 10,200 feet. Denver is over 5,000 feet and is equal to a mile.


    1. There were relatives and friends from Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, and a few other states. The bridal couple had several sets of friends — college pals, colleagues at work, and those who participate with them in extreme sports.

      xxx Wedding Hugs xxx

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  3. Fellow blogger Laurie (Mediations in Motion) was recently visiting her son and his family in Denver and mentioned the difficulty with the altitude. She thought she’d be running while there, but “no go” … hope the headache vanished before the festivities at the wedding today.


          1. That is incredible – I remember Laurie’s post mentioning that altitude problem and getting acclimated to it – I think they were there in Colorado for 10 days … only feeling normal at the tail end of the trip.


                1. John was fine with the altitude, although he said he was out of breath if he walked too fast. Our brother-in-law was a bit light-headed, and our niece had a slight headache. My headache went away after five days. I’m thankful it didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the wedding and visiting with family.

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                    1. Oh, I didn’t realize it was inside too – I thought it was just when outside in the atmosphere. Well that was too bad. I wouldn’t appreciate that either.


                  1. You’ll have time when you get home at Father’s Day … you’ll be glued to the screen for days on end. I get behind just one day away from it, two days and it takes me two evenings to catch up, like last weekend. I did two 5K walks and two long 5K posts. So doing the post the same day (which I always used to do, but have gotten out of doing that as I just can’t keep up with everything) put me way behind. The stormy weather and staying off the computer during the stormy times has not helped much either. We have another stormy day today and Saturday.


                    1. Weren’t you originally going to return on Father’s Day as I marveled you were were on a road trip for that long? We have a rainy day today and I did a post for today and am hunkering down inside to get some housework done – ugh. You might never get caught up and may have to start from scratch, like Ally Bean who took a three week time out to do house renovation/repairs. I think she said she’d be back after the 15th (today). Continued safe travels to you and John.


    1. Thank you, I enjoyed the wedding. I had a slight, lingering headache and would sometimes feel unsteady on my feet. Thank heavens I didn’t fall! We’re at a lower altitude now, so I should feel better tomorrow. The worst part was having a fuzzy brain.


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