Wedding of Anna and Eddie

Can you imagine the parents of the bride preparing breakfast in a rented condo for family, friends, and neighbors on the day of the wedding? Carolyn and Eric did just that. They are amazing. The biscuits were baked, and Eric was scrambling eggs when we came in. Along with fresh fruit, they had a bottomless pot of coffee always ready.

Eric and Carolyn preparing breakfast
College friends, neighbors, and family

Anna and Eddie share their wedding date with Anna’s aunt and uncle. Kirsten and Jay married June 8, 1968, and I was blessed to be there.

Kirsten and Jay — June 8, 1968

Although I’ve heard of it before, this was the first time I’ve seen wedding photos taken before the ceremony. They picked the spot so that the mountains would be in the background. I was lurking behind the photographer and failed to zoom in on the faces. These two pictures show the couple with their respective families.

Bridal couple with Anna’s family
Groom’s family

John drove us lame people across the road for the ceremony, while the others walked. My family graciously let me sit on the aisle, and I took my responsibility seriously. Hopefully they won’t be disappointed. This was my favorite shot – Anna and Eddie listening to the words of the minister before exchanging vows.

They rushed down the aisle as a married couple, moving faster than I expected. Both are runners, hikers, skiers, and rock climbers. It’s no wonder my camera couldn’t keep up with them and cut off their heads. Surely you can see pure joy radiating from their faces.

The reception was held in a former railroad freight station. I don’t think it’s nice to hound the newlyweds, but I dashed before them to take a quick shot. They graciously smiled. That’s what they did all day long – beamed spontaneous smiles.

Anna’s dad, Eric, gave the first speech. He’s a college professor and used to addressing people. Everyone laughed when he said that his normal limit was 55 minutes. His talk was tender and touching.

John’s first cousin Eric, father of the bride

Eddie’s mom recounted a bit of his history with some amusing stories from his young years. Her love for her son was plain for all to see.

Eddie’s mother

The friends who spoke shared their joy in knowing the happy couple. I was behind a beam and did not have a clear view of the speakers, so I set the camera and nudged John to take it and press the shutter. This was the one that turned out the best. I’m sorry I don’t remember his name, but he was most amusing.

The first dance of the newly married pair was dramatic and tender. Twice Eddie tilted Anna back, almost to the floor, and kissed her. The crowd roared with delight. The acrobatics should not have surprised me from these extreme sports enthusiasts. I caught only the tender moment. A fairy tale would call them a beautiful fair maiden with her handsome prince charming. And they lived happily ever after.

May God bless you richly, Eddie and Anna

28 thoughts on “Wedding of Anna and Eddie

  1. An Awesome wedding with joy on every face. As usual some beautiful photographs taken.(Well done Anne).It looks like people were willing to stand and pose.I’m sure you were smiling as much as they were.
    Massive Hugs xxx


  2. What a fun writeup! That pic of the couple with the mountains in the background is so breathtaking. Their happiness is contagious as it reaches through your camera lens and blog post to your readers. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Daughter Sarah shall be married on 7/2 in an Anglican church built in 1733 which sits on the Wicomico River. Bricks from the church were baked in the same kiln as a home we lived in for five years. They were shipped here by boat from Williamsburg, VA. A bit of Brick History should you be interested:

    Mary Agnes and I have been to Leadville and have long thought of returning for the train excursion. Mary Agnes was enamored with Molly Brown, thus the trip to the high.

    We did do the train ride to Silverton that year.

    We have a granddaughter who graduated from USAFA, class of 2012 (Samantha) and for four years made trips to the Rockies. Brother-in-law Bob Romspert and I delivered her car to her at the start of her junior year.
    We used old Route #50 to cross the country and only hi an Interstate to cross the Ohio and Missippi rivers. Great memories with a now departed companion of that great trip.

    Congratulations to the newlyweds.


  4. You did such a nice recap on this wedding Anne and the photos you took were perfect as they captured the beauty, tenderness and happiness of the special moments of the day.


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