Midnight Mice and Daytime Gliders

We were on the way to bed when David told us he had just seen a mouse scurrying about his room. Silly us, we went to look at his room, which was as peaceful and quiet as could be. David made sure there were no edibles lying about, and I checked the internet to see what we could do till morning. One article said to put dryer sheets around. John fetched those, as I moved open packages of food from kitchen cabinets to the dining table. David said it was about 4:30 in the morning when he heard gnawing sounds. The mouse was biting down on the bottom edge of the door. Made us wish the paint had lead in it! We’ll need a quicker death than lead poisoning, though.

On our morning walk, we bought mouse traps at Sorrells. They still sell the classic wooden and wire ones for less than two dollars! I opted for two high-tech plastic ones, and John chose two bait boxes. We’ll see who wins.

I had gone to bed at 1 and got up at 6, so I took a nap after breakfast and after lunch!

Neighbor Logan (9) was with us for a couple of hours in the afternoon. We knew his parents wanted him to stay away from the computer, so John listed the things he did with us. He said, “He played checkers, helped do some outdoor work, flew the glider, watched TV for half an hour, read for 20 minutes, and played a game. A delight to have! Forgot to say he fed the horses, too.”

Logan told me of the BEST flight of the glider. His words were tumbling out of his mouth so quickly that I had a hard time catching them. He moved his hands in descriptive circles, saying, “It flew around FOUR times, and then it made a perfect landing on the grass.” Try saying that in 1.5 seconds!

I was lucky enough to catch one good flight in eight tries and present it here with a silent trumpet fanfare.

47 thoughts on “Midnight Mice and Daytime Gliders

  1. I hope your mouse moves out again and leaves David in peace.Logan is still full of activity when he’s around his parents should be happy you exercise him for them.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


      1. We have a mouse in the house. She’s been working the past two nights. This one is smart. So far no mouse. Dan has resorted to our “have a heart” mouse trap so we can relocate the poor thing before Morgan rips its head off.


  2. Not a fan of mice and I agree with you that it’s a shame that the paint on the door doesn’t have lead in it. Looking forward to learning which trap wins.


    1. John won, though he doesn’t know it yet. He’s at the train club in TN. He used to be able to talk and text there, but when one cell tower went out, they didn’t replace it. We can chat only if he drives down the mountain to the nearest town. Maybe I’ll catch a mouse before he calls me.

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  3. I love your interactions with your neighbor Logan. I’m sure his visits benefit all parties concerned – Logan, his mother, and you and John. Those wood and metal mouse traps are manufactured right in our little town of Lititz, PA. I hope one of you wins the contest very soon!


    1. I have just disposed of the first dead mouse. John won! My traps haven’t moved since I put them out this morning.

      That’s a great fact to know, that standard mousetraps are manufactured in your town. I’m always on the lookout for something to take people from our area. You could take a mousetrap as a gift when you are traveling!! You’d need to travel with a photographer who would catch a person’s reaction to your hometown gift.

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              1. Hi Anne – I tried to send this link to you and John just now – thought it would be a fun little jaunt to go to Upstate NY and say overnight here … however, I got a failed mail for both of you – is your internet provider down? Anyway, saw this on my NY friend Carol’s Facebook site – sounds fun, even if you’re not a train buff.


                1. We looked at the site together. What fun! I don’t know when we’ll be going to NY again, but we’ll keep it in mind.

                  I’m not sure why you couldn’t get through. We’ve been playing with Logan.

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                  1. My friend who lives in Honeoye Falls posted it and I thought you’d get a kick out of this fun place and what they did to the train station. I sent it to both your e-mails and got a failed mail for each of you.

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                    1. You’re welcome – I sent you the failed mail message that came from both of you – I sent you and John the e-mail at one time … Juno must have had issues. I thought that looked fun for eating too and you’re welcome – I’m off to walk at 90 percent humidity and 73 degrees – ugh. Finished my big project and a small project, now have a smaller project and then can start typing the rest of the time entries – we have not finished the bills yet – unprecedented!

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